Are You Writing an Honors Thesis or Project?

Writing an honors thesis or project is different than other types of undergraduate writing. It is an intermediate step between undergraduate and graduate work. We can help with honors writing across our partnered departments.

Making an Appointment

We highly recommend that you make an appointment with one of the graduate tutors.  You can either sign up for an appointment on the schedule, or you can email them to set up an appointment.


Because of the complexity of honors theses and projects, we ask that you send an electronic copy of the writing you want to go over 24 hours before your appointment. It's easier for our tutors if you bring in a hard copy of your writing on the day of your appointment, too.

Honors students may use drop-in appointments but should know that tutors will likely be unable to review a full thesis and provide detailed feedback in during busy times.

Honors students may book sessions with undergraduate tutors if they prefer. However, undergraduate tutors are unable to review written work prior to an appointment and cannot book appointments outside of their scheduled tutoring sessions.

For additional writing center policies, please click here.

Additional Resources

In addition to the Writing Center, there are many other centers on campus that can help you with the research process.  You can visit subject area librarians to get you started on research. 

If there is a quantitative component to your thesis, there are centers on campus that can help.  Specifically, the Center for Social Science Computation and Research (CSSCR) can provide you with free consulting services to help with computing and basic statistical questions.  The Center for Statistics and Social Science (CSS)has free consulting services to help members of the UW community create plans for statistical analysis.

You can access additional handouts about the writing process here or outside of our office.

Is it after 4:30 or the weekend? Both the CLUE and Odegaard writing centers are open after business hours.