Are You Taking an Introductory Course?


Are you writing one of your first papers in college?  Taking your first 200 person seminar in the Jackson School? Filling a distribution requirement with Introduction to American Politics?  If so, the Writing Center is a good place to come to help you learn the expectations of writing in the social sciences.
We can help you at any stage of the writing process.  This means that we can take a look at a second-to-last draft to catch any organizational problems you might have missed.  It also means that we can work with you to refine your thesis, brainstorm, or learn about common expectations and standards in social science writing. 

To make an appointment, click here. To see our policies about appointments and what you need to do to prepare for your appointment, click here.

Additional Resources

If you can’t make it in, or if you like having written resources while you write, we have handouts that are available here and as hard copies outside of our office.  The handouts cover everything from organizing an essay to writing thesis sentences to common grammar problems.

We sometimes conduct course-specific workshops at professors’ requests.  These workshops frequently contain additional information beyond what we have available as handouts on the website.

Is it after 4:30 or the weekend? Both the CLUE and Odegaard writing centers are open after business hours.