Psychology 210

Dr. Lois McDermott
Department of Psychology
University of Washington
Summer Quarter 1997

Psychology 210:
Human Sexuality

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Setting Up Netscape To View Lecture Slides on Your IBM Compatible Computer

Follow these directions to set up Netscape to view the slides from lecture. First you must have a copy of MS PowerPoint Viewer. Download it here ONLY if you haven't already.

You'll want to set Netscape as follows:
  1. Start up Netscape and choose the 'Options' menu from the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose 'Preferences...' from the 'Options' menu.
  3. At this point you should have a dialogue box that says 'Preferences' at its head. Right underneath the word 'Preferences' will be a box with some text in it and a down arrow at its far right end. Click the box, and choose 'Helper Applications' from the available choices.
  4. Click on the oval button labelled 'New Type...'
  5. For 'Mime Type' type in application and press tab.
  6. For 'Mime Subtype' type in x-powerpoint and press return.
  7. In the 'Extensions: ' box type in .ppt but DO NOT press return.
  8. Under 'Action: ' click on 'Launch Application' (again, DO NOT press return).
  9. Click on the oval button labelled 'Browse...'
  10. Find 'MS PowerPoint Viewer' on your computer by going to the appropriate directory via the 'Browse' dialogue box. The file's name is pptview.exe. If you have MS Office, you already have the appropriate file in the c:\msoffice\powerpnt\ directory. So, just find the file, highlight it and hit return, or double click on it.
  11. Click on 'OK' when back in the 'Preferences' dialogue box.

That's it. Netscape should be set up on your home computer to work just fine with the slides on the Psych 210 Home Page!
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