Psychology 210

Dr. Lois McDermott
Department of Psychology
University of Washington
Winter Quarter 1998

Psychology 210:
Human Sexuality

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What your PC needs to view the slides...

Your PC needs PowerPoint Viewer to view the slides.

Downloading the viewer and setting up your PC...

If you don't already have a copy of the viewer, you will need to do a ONE TIME downloading and set-up to view the slides. NOTE: This should not be needed if you are viewing from one of the UW computer labs.

Instructions (PLEASE READ):

To view the slides used in lecture, all you need to do is choose your topic! Once the slides have started up, press the right arrow key to advance forward through the slides, left arrow key to go backwards from your present slide, and esc to stop viewing the slides.

Important!: Depending upon characteristics of the computer you are using and the contents of the slides themselves, these slides may advance quickly or more slowly. Don't press the keys while waiting for a slide! If it hasn't come up yet and it should have, just wait. I know that's not fun, but it is indeed the best way to proceed. Pressing the keys will cause you to miss slides.

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