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  • Clarke, T-K., Crist, R.C., Ang, A., Ambrose-Lanci, L.M.. Lohoff, F.W., Saxon, A.J., Ling, W., Hillhouse, M.P., Bruce, R.D., Woody, G., Berrettini, W.H. Genetic variation in OPRD1 and the response to treatment for opioid dependence with buprenorphine in European American females. The Pharmacogenomics Journal (in press).
  • Crist, R.C., Clarke, T-K., Ang, A., Ambrose-Lanci, L.M.. Lohoff, F.W., Saxon, A.J., Ling, W., Hillhouse, M.P., Bruce, R.D., Woody, G., Rutter, J., Berrettini, W.H. An intronic variant in OPRD1 predicts treatment outcome for opioid dependence in African-Americans. Neuropsychopharmacology (in press).
  • Ebert, L., Malte, C.A., Hamlett-Berry, K., Beckham, J., McFall, M., Saxon, A.J. Use of a learning collaborative to support implementation of integrated care for smoking cessation for veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder. American Journal of Public Health (in press).
  • Hser, Y-I., Saxon, A. J., Huang, D., Hasson, A., Thomas, C., Hillhouse, M., Jacobs, P., Teruya, C., McLaughlin, P., Wiest, K., Cohen, A., Ling, W. Treatment retention among patients randomized to buprenorphine/naloxone compared to methadone in a multi-site trial. Addiction (in press).
  • McDonell, M.G., Howell, D., Srebnik, S.,Angelo, F.,Sugar, A.M., Rainey, C., Roll, J., Short, R., Ries, R. (In press). Evaluation of ethyl glucuronide immunoassay urinalysis in 5 alcohol dependent outpatients. The American Journal on Addictions.
  • McDonell, M.G., McPherson, S., Vilardaga, R., Srebnik, D., Angelo, F. N., Leickly, E., Saxon, A.J., Roll, J., Ries, R. Preliminary findings: contingency management targeting psycho-stimulant use results in secondary decreases in smoking for severely mentally ill adults. American Journal on Addictions (in press).
  • McDonnell MG, Srebnik …Ries R: Randomized Controlled Trial of Contingency Management for Stimulant Use in Community Mental Health Patients with Serious Mental Illness:  (Am J Psychiatry 2013; 170:94–101)
  • Saxon, A.J., Wilkins, K.C. Marijuana not ready for prime time as an analgesic. General Hospital Psychiatry (in press).
  • Srebnik, D., Sugar, A., Coblentz, P., McDonell, M.G., Angelo, F., Lowe, J.M., Ries, R.K., & Roll, J.M.  Acceptability of contingency management among clinicians and clients within a co-occurring mental health and substance use treatment program.  American Journal on Addictions, (In Press).
  • Voss, WD, Kaufman, E., Connor, S.S., Comtois, K.A., Conner, K.R., Ries, R.K. Preventing Addiction Related Suicide: A Pilot Study. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment: In press
  • Wymbs, B. T., McCarty, C. A., King, K. M., McCauley, E., Vander Stoep, A., Baer, J., & Waschbusch, D. A. (In Press). Callous-unemotional traits as unique prospective risk factors for substance use in early adolescent boys and girls. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.


  • Aversa, L.H., Stoddard, J.A., Doran, N.M., Au, S., Chow, B., McFall, M., Saxon, A.J. & Baker, D.G. Longitudinal analysis of the relationship between PTSD symptom clusters, cigarette use, and physical health-related quality of life. Quality of Life Research 22:1381–1389, 2013.
  • Hawkins, E.J., Malte, C.A., Grossbard, J., Saxon, A.J., Imel, Z.E., & Kivlahan, D.K. Comparative safety of benzodiazepines and opioids among Veterans Affairs patients with posttraumatic stress disorder. Journal of Addiction Medicine 7:354-362, 2013.
  • Malte, C.A., McFall, M., Chow, B.; Beckham, J.C., Carmody, T.P. & Saxon, A.J. Survey of providers’ attitudes toward integrating smoking cessation treatment into posttraumatic stress disorder care. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors 27:249-255, 2013.
  • Mooney, L.J., Nielsen, S., Saxon, A., Hillhouse, M., Thomas, C., Hasson, A., Stablein, D., McCormack, J., Lindblad, R., Ling, W. Cocaine Use Reduction with Buprenorphine (CURB): Rationale, Design, and Methodology. Contemporary Clinical Trials 34:196-204, 2013.
  • Potter, J.S., Marino, E. N., Hillhouse, M P., Nielsen, S., Wiest, K., Canamar, C. P., Judith A. Martin, J.A., Ang, A., Baker, R., Saxon, A. J. & Ling, W. Buprenorphine and methadone maintenance treatment outcomes for opioid analgesic, heroin, and combined users: findings from Starting Treatment with Agonist Replacement Therapies (START). Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 74:605-613, 2013.
  • Saxon, A.J., Hser, Y-I., Woody, G., Ling, W. Medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction: methadone and buprenorphine. Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 21:S69-S72, 2013.
  • Saxon, A.J., Ling, W., Hillhouse, M., Thomas, C., Hasson, A., Ang, A., Doraimani, G., Tasissa, G., Lokhnygina, Y., Leimberger, J., Bruce, R.D., McCarthy, J., Wiest, K., McLaughlin, P., Bilangi, R., Cohen, A., Woody, G. & Jacobs, P. Buprenorphine/Naloxone and methadone effects on laboratory indices of liver health: A randomized trial. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 128:71-76, 2013.
  • Tai, B., Saxon, A.J., Ling, W. Medication-assisted therapy for opioid addiction. Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 21:S13-S15, 2013.


  • Aversa, L.H., Stoddard, J.A., Doran, N.M., Au, S., Chow, B., McFall, M., Saxon, A., & Baker, D.G. PTSD and Depression as Predictors of Physical Health-Related Quality of Life in Tobacco-Dependent Veterans. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 73:185-190, 2012.
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  • Capo-Ramos, D., Gao, Y., Lubin, J.H., Check, D., Goldin, L.R., Pesatori, A.C., Consonni, D., Bertazzi, P.A., Saxon, A.J., Bergen, A.W., Caporaso, N. & Landi, M.T.: Mood disorders and risk of lung cancer in the EAGLE case-control study and in the U.S. Veterans Affairs inpatient cohort. PLOS One 7(8): e42945. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0042945
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  • Hawkins, E.J., Malte, C.A., Baer, J.S., Kivlahan, D.R. (2012). Prevalence, Predictors and Service Utilization of Patients with Recurrent Use of VA Substance Use Disorder Specialty-care.  Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 43, 2,221-230.
  • Hawkins, E.J., Malte, C.A., Imel, Z.E., Saxon, A.J. & Kivlahan, D.R. Prevalence and trends of benzodiazepine use among Veterans Affairs patients with posttraumatic stress disorder, 2003-2010. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 124:154-161, 2012.
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  • McDonell, M.G., Kerbrat, A.H., Comtois, K.A., Russo, J., Lowe, J.M., & Ries, R.K.  Validation of the co-occurring disorder quadrant model.  Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 44, 266-273, 2012.
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  • Tollison, S.J., Henderson, R.C., Baer, J.S. & Saxon, A. J. Next steps in addressing the prevention, screening, and treatment of substance use disorder in active duty and veteran Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom populations. Military Medicine 177S:39-46, 2012.
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