Resident Life: Introduction
R4: Julia Edwards    |   R3:Rejoice Opara    |   R2: Joe Baldwin    |   R1:Stephanie Chang    |    Idaho Track: Nicole Fox
Resident Life
Julia Edwards
Fourth Year Resident
Seattle Track

Why UW Psychiatry?

"Growing up in the Midwest, I only ever lived on flatlands, and upon seeing mountains and water in one place on a visit to Seattle as a young girl, told my parents that I would live here someday. I knew I was looking for a big academic center in at least a medium-sized city for residency. When applying, my fascination with psychiatry was still fairly new, and so I knew I wanted to be surrounded by a supportive program with mentors in all areas of the field, in order to be exposed to as many clinical niches as possible. I also wanted to learn to treat a patient population that is rich in diversity and background, and the greater Seattle area (along with UW’s commitment to serving the five-state region of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho) provides more than I could have even expected. My interview day was filled with attendings brimming with enthusiasm who were truly excited to be a part of this institution. There is a huge commitment to teaching here. Last but not least, the residents rock! They are hard workers and easygoing at the same time. I have learned so much from my fellow residents, many of whom have become my closest friends outside of work."


BA, Johns Hopkins University
MD, Medical College of Wisconsin

Follow Me For A Week

Morning:   Sleep in… Clean my apartment in preparation for family to visit.
Afternoon:   Take the water taxi downtown from West Seattle, stroll along the waterfront downtown to explore Pike Place Market all afternoon. Inevitably return with beautiful bouquets for the apt.
Evening:   Enjoy Hawaiian shave ice for dessert near the water taxi stop, and then read up on new patients for tomorrow morning.
Morning:   Arrive at VA at 7 AM to orient new medical students to their psychiatry clerkship. Round with my inpatient team.
Afternoon:   Leave for continuity clinic at HMC to see my long-term psychotherapy patients. Done by 5:30 PM.
Evening:   Take a walk along Alki Beach and dine on pizza and beer al fresco!
Morning:   Arrive to work at 8 AM, computer pre-round, round with the inpatient team, and finish a few notes.
Afternoon:   Arrive at the UW to give an R1 didactic on “surviving the inpatient wards” with my fellow chief residents. Get individual supervision for my junior attending rotation. Done by 4:30 PM.
Evening:   Spend time with my boyfriend’s family playing (and dominating) board games.
Morning:   Arrive at the VA at 8 AM, answer chief emails, and round with the inpatient team.
Afternoon:   Attend a chief meeting at the UW with our program director, return to the VA and supervise the resident on my team. Done by 5 PM.
Evening:   Watch a movie and another beautiful summer sunset with family.
Morning:   Residency didactics at 8 AM (coffee, donuts, and fruit, yum), T group, business meeting (with lunch provided, always a highlight).
Afternoon:   Chief time – preparing medical student talk, emails. Go to off-site supervision with my psychodynamic psychotherapy supervisor. Done by 4 PM.
Evening:   Kayaking on Lake Union with my boyfriend, which includes watching seaplanes take off and land, and finding the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat.
Morning:   Arrive at the VA at 8 AM, round with the inpatient team. Write a few progress notes.
Afternoon:   Teach the medical students about the mental status exam; search for an article for my evidence-based medicine presentation next Monday. Check-in and feedback with my attending. Done by 5:00 PM.
Evening:   Go check out a street festival with shopping, music, and food in my neighborhood with my boyfriend. Watch a documentary at home.
Morning:   Wake up late, and then savor a cup of coffee (instead of my usual caffeine-inhaling during weekday mornings) with my boyfriend. Do some reading for work.
Afternoon:   Go explore the street festival again; this time we run into one of my co-residents and her family! Hang out with them and eat amazing Caribbean jerk chicken.
Evening:   BBQ at a friend’s house outside the city. Throw a Frisbee around and try my hand at a few golf swings. In bed by 11 PM so that I can wake up in time for my full-day DBT workshop tomorrow.

Clinical Rotations

This month: Junior attending on the
inpatient unit at the VA, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Harborview Resident Psychotherapy Continuity Clinic.

For the next 5 months: couples therapy,
DBT, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance consultation clinic, continuity clinic,
and chief resident time.

Career Goals

“I’m still figuring this out and staying very flexible, since my interests are so vast. I know that I enjoy working with vulnerable populations (which is nearly all of mental health), but specifically the chronically ill and geriatric populations. I am interested in community psychiatry and the interface of mental health and public health. I will probably be applying to a fellowship and hope to incorporate teaching into my career."

Average Weekly Hours

40 hours

Night and Weekend Duty

Approximately 1-2 weekend shifts per month, averaging 12 hours per shift


Resident Life
Rejoice Opara
Third Year Resident
Seattle Track

Why UW Psychiatry?

"I was initially attracted to UW because of its location in beautiful Seattle and the large program size. When I visited, I loved the flexibility of the program and the huge variety of clinical opportunities.  The residents seemed happy and laidback but also  intelligent, thoughtful and well-trained.  

For me, UW has been the ideal combination of great training in a cooperative and flexible environment.  My attendings are universally kind and interested in teaching and I’ve been able to develop my own unique rotations to match my specific interests in collaborative care and global health."


BA, Studio Art, Grinnell College
MD, MPH, University of Oklahoma School
of Community Medicine

Follow Me For A Week

Morning:   Sleep in followed by a lazy morning, eating breakfast and reading a novel outside on my deck
Afternoon:   Go blueberry picking with co-residents, then bake delicious blueberry muffins
Evening:   Relax with my boyfriend, cook a big dinner so we have leftovers available throughout the week
Morning:   See therapy and med management patients in my continuity clinic
Afternoon:   See more patients and have 1 hour of supervision and 1 hour of CBT seminar
Evening:   Go the gym, host “Bachelor night”: a weekly tradition with co-residents to watch The Bachelor, drink wine and analyze the psychological dynamics of the show (ie: gossip about the contestants)
Morning & Afternoon:   Memory and Brain Wellness Clinic
Evening:   Meet up with friends for a picnic at Lake Union, watch the weekly sailboat regatta
Morning & Afternoon:   Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic
Evening:   Movie night: meet up with co-residents to continue our exploration of Hitchcock’s best films
Morning:   Didactics, T-group, business meeting
Afternoon:   Meet with group of co-residents to plan the next business meeting, attend 1 hour of psychodynamic supervision
Evening:   Go to the gym, make dinner, watch The Wire with my boyfriend
Morning:   1 hour CBT supervision, meet with my attending for my Leadership in Medicine course and discuss my Quality Improvement project
Afternoon:   Go to a coffee shop and read weekly article for my Child and Adolescent clinic and do some assigned CBT readings
Evening:   Walk around the arboretum, go out to a delicious dinner with my boyfriend
Morning:   Meet up with co-residents for a hike in the Cascades
Afternoon:   Relax at home, reading, napping
Evening:   Go to concert with my boyfriend!

Clinical Rotations

Continuity Clinic at Harborview

Memory and Brain Wellness Clinic at Harborview

Seattle Children’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic at Bellevue

Leadership in Medicine

Career Goals

“I’m interested in public health and increasing access to mental health services. I’ve become very interested in the collaborative care model, a model developed at UW that increases access to care. I hope to be involved in collaborative care in some way in the future. In the near future, I want to stay in academic medicine and do a fellowship, either in geriatric psychiatry or psychosomatic medicine. In addition, I’d love to do some work in global mental health, perhaps working with a nonprofit that increases access to quality mental health services abroad."

Average Weekly Hours

45 hours

Night and Weekend Duty

One 12 hour weekend day or night
shift a month

Resident Life
Joe Baldwin
Second Year Resident
Seattle Track

Why UW Psychiatry?

"I wanted to come to a place where residents were thriving, and with a residency program structure that supported residents’ personal wellness in addition to clinical education, and encouraging their career goals.  I also have a broad range of interests right now (including psychotherapy, global mental health, and child psych), and wanted to go somewhere where I could get well-rounded training, and explore these interests in-depth.  ”


Undergraduate: Harvard College
Medical School: Vanderbilt School of Medicine

Career Goals

"Currently I’m interested in outpatient vs. emergency psychiatry.  I also have an interest in global mental health, and child psych but we’ll see how it all works out!"

Follow Me For A Week

Morning:   Morning service followed by brunch afterwards
Afternoon:   Chill at home while cooking
Evening:   Sounders game! GOAL!!!!
Morning:   7:00-3:00 PM PES shift (Psych emergency services)
Afternoon:   Shopping (I love Costco!), talk with friends, Relax
Evening:   Gym, dinner with roommate followed by a night watching Netflix
Morning:   7:00-3:00 PM PES shift (Psych emergency services)
Afternoon:   R2 didactics; leisure read
Evening:   Dinner with roommate followed by more Netflix
Morning:   7:00-3:00 PM PES shift (Psych emergency services)
Afternoon:   Shop, hang around at home followed by an impromptu dance party, etc.
Evening:   Dinner, TV time
Morning:   8:00-11:00 R2 didactic series, 11:00-12:00 T-group (therapy group with class), 12:00-1:00 Business Meeting, 2:00-3:00 PES shift.
Afternoon:   Gym which includes jumping on the trampoline
Evening:   Happy hour with friends and Zumba
Morning:   7:00-3:00 PM PES shift (Psych emergency services)
Afternoon:   Skype with friends and family
Evening:   Relax after a long week
Morning:   Sleep in
Afternoon:   Boat on the lake with friends
Evening:   Relax while cooking dinner with friends

Clinical Rotations

Continuity Clinic  - Tuesday afternoons doing psychotherapy from September to June

July: Psychiatric Emergency Services

August:  Harborview Inpatient Psychiatry

September:  Harborview Inpatient Psychiatry; UW Consult/Liaison

October: UW Night Float (3 weeks), UW Consult/Liaison

November:  Harborview Consult/Liaison

December:  VA Consult/Liaison

January: VA Inpatient Psychiatry, VA Night Float (3 weeks)

February: VA Inpatient Psychiatry

March:  Seattle Children’s Inpatient Psychiatry

April:  Seattle Children’s Inpatient Psychiatry

May:  Harborview Consult/Liaison

June:  Harborview Consult/Liaison

Average Weekly Hours

  • Approximately 55 hours per week

Night and Weekend Duty

6 weeks of night float throughout the year (5 nights on, 2 nights off)

Average of two 12 hour call shifts per month, some of which is home call


Resident Life
Stephanie Chang
First Year Resident
Seattle Track

Why UW Psychiatry?

"I left my interview day at UW not only thoroughly impressed, but feeling as if I fit in. The residents were clearly not only coworkers, but friends, which I found extremely important as I would be making a large transition from Texas to Washington. In addition, the faculty’s enthusiasm and zeal for teaching demonstrated the whole program’s willingness to help its’ residents develop and grow. This, combined with the residents' passion for taking advantage of the outdoor opportunities of the Pacific Northwest allowed by the program's emphasis on work/life balance made for a perfect match. Beyond the personality of the program, the multitude of specialized pathways geared towards allowing residents to explore not only their own interests but to develop new ones was extremely attractive. Of course, all of this was just an added benefit on top of the fantastic and diverse clinical experience provided through the underserved community at Harborview, the veteran population at the VA and the specialized university-setting of UW."


BA, Religious Studies and Philosophy, Austin College
BA, Biology, Austin College
MD, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Follow Me For A Week

Morning:   No alarm! Walk around Cal Anderson Park, then grab brunch with a friend.
Afternoon:   Meet up for a happy hour alongside our resident book club to discuss Middlesex.
Evening:   Unwind, relax, and get ready for the work day.
Morning:   Wake up at 6:15, get to work, pre-round, and round. Discuss patient list with the attending.
Afternoon:   Evidence based medicine discussion at the VA headed by the residents. Then place orders, call for collateral information, sign out around 5.
Evening:   Get home, eat dinner, read Stahl’s, watch Scrubs, sleep.
Morning:   Wake up at 5, hit the gym, go to work. Code Green called on my patient, place orders, attempt to help talk the patient down.
Afternoon:   Place orders, perform MoCA on patient with likely neurocognitive disorder, see new patient and complete admission.
Evening:   Continue reading I Know This Much Is True, start reading an article from the inpatient syllabus, sleep.
Morning:   Wake up at 5, gym, work. Rounds go smoothly.
Afternoon:   Called by nursing about two different patients requesting discharge, talk with the patients regarding request, call the attending & decide one of the patients is appropriate for discharge. Talk with social work and help this patient discharge before the evening. Finish discharge summary.
Evening:   Meet up with my cousin, watch a movie and eat dinner, sleep.
Morning:   Wake up at 6:15, go to work. Rounds go well, discuss list with attending.

Afternoon:   Didactics! Head over to UW and learn tons and tons about trauma, and a new way of creating patient formulations.
Evening:   Go to happy hour with the coresidents, eat some snacks, catch up, be glad that we’re not on medicine or neurology.
Morning:   Wake up at 6:15, get to work. Finish rounds.
Afternoon:   Finish up work, take sign out from other residents, field pages for short call between 4 and 6. Leave the VA around 6.

Evening:   Meet up with friends for dinner, watch Edge of Tomorrow, hang out, call it a night.
Morning:   Wake up, text people about a hike. Head over to Little Bandera Mountain for a climb.
Afternoon:   Still climbing. Then descending. Get to car and then we binge eat at MOD Pizza on the way home.
Evening:   Shower, relax. Debate going out versus staying in. Stay in.


Clinical Rotations

13 - 4 week blocks:

Harborview Medical Center Inpatient Medicine (1)

University of Washington Emergency Medicine (1)

VA Puget Sound Inpatient Medicine (1)

VA Geriatrics at Community Living Center (1)

Harborview Inpatient Psychiatry (3)

Harborview Medicine Consults (1)

Seattle Children’s Hospital Pediatric Neurology (1)

University of Washington Inpatient Neurology (1)

VA Puget Sound Inpatient Psychiatry (3)

Career Goals

“I have a background in the liberal arts, that has pervaded and shaped a growing fascination with the medical humanities; my medical school had a formalized medical humanities education which unknowingly steered me towards psychiatry. By default, psychiatry seems to interface with rest of the humanities in a manner the other medical disciplines lack, and although I am still developing and searching for how to integrate my interest in the humanities alongside my interest in psychiatry, I am excited for the opportunities and support UW is providing for it."

Average Weekly Hours

Inpatient Medicine: ~70 hours per week

Emergency Medicine: ~60 hours per week

Inpatient Neurology: ~55 hours per week

Inpatient Psychiatry: ~55 hours per week

Pediatric Neurology: ~45 hours per week

Medicine Consults: ~45 hours per week

Geriatrics: ~40 hours per week

Night and Weekend Duty

Inpatient Medicine/Emergency Medicine: Luck of the draw whether you have off days over the weekend.

Inpatient Neurology: Work one weekend day each week.

Inpatient Psychiatry: 5 weekend call shifts spread over six blocks. 3 weeks of night float at Harborview.

Geriatrics at the Community Living Center, Pediatric Neurology and Medicine Consults: All weekends off.

Resident Life
Nicole Fox
Fourth Year Resident
Idaho Track

Why UW Psychiatry?

University of Washington was the only program I encountered that offered the unique opportunity to train in both a top academic setting and a community setting. I spent my first two years at UW in Seattle. Having attended graduate school and medical school in Seattle, I knew I loved the city, with its awesome skyline, creative restaurants and access to the great outdoors. I also knew that I wanted to continue working at Harborview, Seattle’s county hospital dedicated to serving patients most in need.  I am now completing my final two years in Boise, where I am gaining a rich, complementary experience in community psychiatry.


Undergraduate: BA in theater from University of Georgia
Graduate: Masters of Public Administration from Seattle University
Medical school: University of Washington Medical School

Career Goals

I plan to stay in Boise. My interests are broad, but I'm drawn to patients with psychotic disorders. I hope to divide my time working in the community seeing a mix of acutely ill inpatients along with some integrated care outpatients. Given my background in policy, I'm particularly interested in social medicine, policy and distribution of resources.

Follow Me For A Week

Morning:   Hang out with my kiddos who are 3 and 8, take the dog swimming at Lucky Peak and later float the Boise River.
Morning:   Wake up around 6:30, get the gang up and dressed, head in to Boise State University for my morning student clinic.
Afternoon:   I head to St. Luke’s Hospital to see inpatient consults.
Evening:   Dinner at home.
Morning:   Elective. Currently I'm on the inpatient unit at the VA, but I will be rotating at the prison, OB clinic and refugee/ HIV clinic.
Afternoon:   I'm the psychiatry "attending" at Family Medicine Residency of Idaho. I advise on cases in their outpatient clinic!
Evening:   Catch an early concert with friends at the Boise Botanical Gardens!
Morning:   All day outpatient clinic at the VA.
Afternoon:   All day outpatient clinic at the VA.
Evening:   Happy Hour at Barbacoa! Yum. After the kiddos go to bed, catch up on "Orange is the New Black.".
Morning:   T-group with my co-residents, followed by didactics. Catch up on any last minute issues from yesterday's clinic.
Afternoon:   Lunch from Flatbread or Mai-Thai compliments of the residency! Then psychotherapy supervision discussing cases, life in general and how the two intersect.
Evening:   Watch a spectacular lightning storm from my deck and wonder how I lived for so many years without seeing miles of sky overhead!
Morning:   Elective again!
Afternoon:   Outpatient consults at the Family Medicine Residency clinic where I see patients with a wide range of diagnoses from culturally diverse backgrounds.
Evening:   Dinner out with the family, followed by a trip to the candy shop then swimming in the neighborhood pool.
Morning:   The dog wakes me up too early.  We head to the downtown Saturday farmers market, followed by a trip to Camel's Back Park.
Evening:   Date night! Once the kiddos are tucked in with a sitter, we head out for dinner downtown followed by live music at The Knitting Factory. What a great week!

Clinical Rotations


St. Luke’s Consults

Inpatient elective at VA

Attending room at FMRI

Outpatient clinic at the VA

Consultation in the Obstetrics Clinic, HIV clinic and Prison

FMRI outpatient clinic

Average Weekly Hours

40-45 hours

Night and Weekend Duty

No night, no weekend calls in Boise!

Box 356560   |   1959 NE Pacific St.   |   Seattle, WA 98195-6560   |   206.543.6577   |