Throughout the residency program, residents are required to attend didactic lectures each Thursday. Didactics attendance is restricted to current residents and others by permission of the program director. Course materials and quizzes are available on Canvas.

R-1 Didactics
R-1 Curriculum Description
R-1 Didactics Schedule

R-2 Didactics
R-2 Curriculum Description
R-2 Didactic Schedule

R-3 Didactics
R-3 Curriculum Description
R-3 Didactic Schedule

R-4 Didactics
R-4 Curriculum Description
R-4 Didactic Schedule

Didactics Coordinators

R1: Tom Soeprono, MD
R2: Aaron Green, MD
R3: Matthew Schreiber, MD, PhD
R4: Katherine Michaelson, MD