The Integrated Care Pathway: Psychiatry in Medical Settings (ICP) is a program within the Division of Population Health of the UW Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences department. This career development pathway is focused on developing resident experiences and fostering interests in evidence-based practice at the interface of psychiatry and other medical settings.

The goals of the Integrated Care Track are:

  • Increase resident exposure to the spectrum of care integrating behavioral and physical health care.
  • Provide mentorship to psychiatry residents interested in exploring a career in psychiatry in medical settings or consultation liaison psychiatry.
  • Facilitate opportunities for resident participation in multidisciplinary approaches to behavioral health in medical settings.
  • Enhance knowledge of the emerging field of integration of physical health programs into behavioral health settings serving the seriously mentally ill populations.
  • Provide support to work on a project in an integrated care setting, such as the development of an educational tool, quality improvement project or health services research.

Several opportunities to learn more about integrated care:

  1. Integrated Care Interest Group: Any interested residents can join us for regular lunchtime meetings in which a faculty member leads a discussion about an aspect of integrated care, particularly in terms of career opportunities. This is a great way to see if you might be interested in joining the ICP. Contact ICP faculty leader for information (contact information below).
    • Lunchtime Meetings: These meetings are held every other month throughout the year on Thursdays from noon – 1:00 in the UW Medical Center. These meetings are designed to provide a daytime opportunity to hear about advances in the area of psychiatry in medical settings and meet psychiatrists working in this area.
  2. Integrated Care Pathway: Residents who want a more in-depth exposure to integrated care are encouraged to formally join the track and are paired with a mentor. The focus of the pathway is both exposure to clinical opportunities and career development in integrated care. Additionally, residents are encouraged to participate in all ICP meetings. Contact ICP faculty leader for information or to join (contact information below).
    • Clinical Opportunities: Clinical experiences and specific rotations (both clinical and research). This includes a range of possible settings from collaborative care programs in community health clinics throughout the state of Washington to the many opportunities for residents to experience psychiatric consultation in a medical setting, such as primary care clinics.
      Sample rotations include:

      • Collaborative Care (MHIP/BHIP)
      • Adult Medicine Clinic
    • Mentorship and Career Development: All residents are encouraged to attend ICP meetings. We help match ICP residents with both clinical and research mentors. There is also support for residents who will ultimately decide to pursue more formal consultation-liaison training.
  3. Area of Distinction: Residents who would like to graduate with formal recognition for their participation in integrated care training have the opportunity to apply to participate in the Area of Distinction Program in Integrated Care. Residents would need to join by their R4 year and complete the following:
    • Participate in lunchtime meetings
    • Complete a rotation in collaborative care
    • Be paired with a mentor and complete a project related to integrated care. This project could be the development of an educational tool for a medical setting, quality improvement project or health services research. Residents would be encouraged to present this project.

For any questions or to be connected to a mentor, please contact:

Ramanpreet Toor, MD:
For more information on integrated care, please visit: and