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Welcome to the University of Washington
Psychology Internship Program!

2021 Recruitment Update

Dear Applicants,

As of December 4, 2020, at 3pm PST, we have sent out notification emails of all applicants’ status via the new Admission’s portal system. We believe all applicants should have received a personalized email letting them know if they are invited to our virtual Open House on January 5, 2021 from 8am to 5pm PST or no longer under consideration at this time. For those still under consideration, you can expect to receive further information about attending our Open House via email in the weeks to come.

For those no longer under consideration, we understand how difficult it can be to receive this notification. Please know, we did not make our decision lightly. Each application was reviewed by at least two separate faculty members but due to the limited number of slots we have, we have to pass on highly qualified applicants.

If you did not receive an email regarding your application status, please contact the main office at psychsom@uw.edu and the Dr. Lostutter, Training Director at tylost@uw.edu.

Thank you to everyone who applied to our program and we wish everyone the best for the upcoming internship year.

Ty W. Lostutter, Training Director
UW Psychology Internship Program

We utilize a scientist-practitioner training model, and we offer a generalist training program. Our generalist training has emphasis training tracks in adult psychology, child psychology, autism, behavioral medicine, and rehabilitation neuropsychology. More information about these specialized tracks can be found on our Track and Rotation page. Our training sites include a variety of medical settings including psychiatric inpatient and outpatient settings.

Internship Program Offerings


Training is offered in the assessment of behavioral, cognitive, social, and psycho-physiological factors related to behavioral disorders, medical and neurological illness, and normal functioning. More specialized training experiences in neuropsychological evaluation can be pursued.


Supervised experience with a wide variety of therapeutic interventions that may involve individuals, families, or groups with an emphasis on empirically supported treatments are available.


Opportunities exist to develop the consultative and communication skills needed for doing professional work in interdisciplinary health care settings.

Behavioral Medicine

Training opportunities are offered in rehabilitation psychology, neuropsychology, primary care, and consultation-liaison with medical-surgical inpatient and outpatient services.


Research activity is very strongly encouraged. Opportunities are provided to increase sophistication in the design and performance of clinical research, usually by collaborating on ongoing faculty projects. Independent projects can be pursued with faculty support.

Grant Writing and Career Development Seminar

An interdisciplinary research training series of seminars providing didactic and experiential training in grant writing skills under the mentorship of faculty members is open to all psychology residents.


A year long series of required didactic presentations and journal clubs are offered. Special seminars and tutorials may be arranged. In addition, a spectrum of scheduled courses, colloquia, grand rounds, workshops, and conferences are available throughout the University.

Diversity Training

Diversity advancement is a strong priority for the program. Diversity issues are integrated into didactic, clinical and research training, and there is a committee devoted to advancing diversity issues within the internship. Many internship rotation sites provide opportunities to work with diverse populations, with many immigrant and minority groups represented. The Behavioral Medicine Track has been funded by a Graduate Psychology Education grant aimed at improving training in behavioral medicine for underserved populations. Three rotations were added where residents work with a variety of diverse and underserved patients. As one measure of this diversity of clientele, the UW affiliated medical center interpreter services provides interpreters for over 80 languages.

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