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2015-2016 Application year

Please review the following instructions carefully.

We utilize the online APPIC Application for Psychology Internships (AAPI). Please do not send any materials separately to our program. Consistent with APPIC policies, the only materials accepted will be those uploaded with the AAPI application.

Our deadline for applications is OCTOBER 30, 5:00 PM, PST.

Please note that you may only apply to one track.

Application Instructions:

As part of your APPIC application, you must submit a cover letter.

Applicants are required to follow specific instructions for preparing their cover letter for the track to which they are applying.
Please click on the track name below to view the specific cover letter instructions for that track.

For questions about the ONLINE AAPI please contact APPIC

Our psychology resident selection process is designed to ensure a fair review of all applications. Applications are rated independently by at least two faculty psychologists. Ratings are made on the quality of academic and clinical training and performance, research potential, personal characteristics, and the apparent goodness of fit between the applicant's interests and our program. Competitive applicants typically have completed or nearly completed dissertations prior to coming into the internship, at least through the data collection process. We accept applicants only from APA or CPA accredited programs and strongly prefer graduates in Ph.D. clinical or counseling psychology programs that have a scientist-practitioner or clinical scientist orientation. The applicant rating process begins in November. We will make every effort possible to notify applicants of their status as soon as possible. Please, do not email or call the program to inquire about your application status unless you think there is a problem. Response time from November 1st and for about a week after that date will be slow as we process applications.

Applicants still under consideration will be invited to our Open House to be held on Monday, January 4, 2016. As mentioned above, you will receive an e-mail with your invitation and Open House information. We coordinate our Open House date with other APA approved internships in this vicinity, e.g. Seattle VA and Western State Hospital. Dates and times for other internship programs' Open Houses should be confirmed with that site.

If you are invited, we encourage you to come to Open House so that you can get the best possible information about our program and how it might fit your training needs. We offer individual appointments for meetings with faculty in all tracks the afternoon of Open House. Please note that we do not require attendance at Open House or that applicants travel to Seattle for personal interviews to match with us. However, we would like the opportunity to meet with applicants who are still under consideration by phone or Skype prior to submitting ranking lists. These additional individual contacts provide applicants with more information about the program in terms of their individual interests and needs, and allow us to get to know applicants better to evaluate the "goodness of fit" with our program in terms of applicant training interests, background and goals. We encourage applicants to take advantage of the individual meetings with faculty members during the afternoon of Open House, or to set up phone calls if attendance at our Open House is not possible. We believe these individual meetings provide both the applicants and our program faculty with information that is helpful in determining whether our internship is a good choice for an applicant's training needs. Just as applicants take all available information into account in ranking programs, all contacts with applicants (including individual meetings) during Open House or in other contexts provides information that we as a program may use in determining rankings of applicants. This Internship site agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any psychology resident applicant.

The Adult Track will offer appointments the afternoon of Open House. To make an appointment to meet with Adult Track Faculty the afternoon of the Open House please contact the Training Director and Adult Track Coordinator Michele Bedard-Gilligan, Ph.D. at AFTER December 15th but no later than December 22nd.

The Behavioral Medicine/NP Track will offer appointments the afternoon of the Open House. To make an appointment to meet with members of the Behavioral Medicine/NP Track Faculty please contact Victoria Vassall, Administrative Coordinator AFTER December 15th but no later than December 22nd.

For questions about the Behavioral Medicine/NP Track please contact Chuck Bombardier, Ph.D., ABPP, the Track Coordinator at

The Child Track offers appointments with Child Track Faculty between 1 PM and 5 PM. Applicants who would like to make an appointment to meet with a Child Track Faculty member on the day of the Open House should contact Gretchen Gudmundsen, Ph.D., the Child Track Coordinator, for an appointment no later than December 22nd. Her e-mail is and her phone number is 206-987-5497.

The Internship will attempt to accommodate requests for visits by prospective applicants from all tracks who do not attend our Open House, but opportunities to evaluate our training resources will be much more limited. Prospective applicants can also potentially meet with members of our faculty at many professional meetings.

If you match with us, we will make every effort to take your preferences into account if there is a choice of rotation sites in your track. However, we reserve the right to assign rotations to meet the constraints of our funding sources. Your appointment may be subject to certain eligibility requirements. If you match with our program you will be asked to provide information on any criminal history or conviction record at the beginning of the internship year as part of a required background check. All offers of internship are contingent upon successful completion of a criminal background check. All matched applicants must provide documentation of current immunization status and meet all other medical center health requirements, such as TB testing which will be done here at the Medical Center prior to beginning any clinical activities.

Applicants to the Behavioral Medicine/Neuropsychology Track, please note the following:
Four of the stipends in the Behavioral Medicine/Neuropsychology track are funded with federal grants and have eligibility requirements. To receive this funding, applicants must be U.S. citizens or nationals or have permanent resident status. The eligibility requirements will be taken into account in our ranking process and may affect our ability to rank applicants who do not meet these requirements.

There are also service payback agreements for the RSA Rehabilitation Services Administration* federal funding associated with 3 stipends in this track. Applicants who are eligible for federal funding and who match with us are asked to agree to accept this funding if offered and sign a payback agreement if they match with us in this track. The agreement will require a period of time following training (two years for each full or part-time stipend funded) agreeing to provide service in certain public service settings or to populations deemed eligible by the granting agency. In our prior experiences with funding stipends through this grant mechanism, these requirements are generally met without significant difficulty or hardship for residents. Over a previous 20 year period of having trainees involved in such payback agreements, we are not aware of situations in which this has restricted career or location opportunities for our graduates. Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Chuck Bombardier ( if they have any concerns about the payback agreement.

*The information in this link pertains only to only certain stipends within the Behavioral Medicine Track mentioned above. RSA Manual (RSA Rehabilitation Services Administration )

Matched candidates are notified of acceptance in accordance with APPIC guidelines, via the APPIC Internship Matching Program . For information on the National Matching Service please see This Internship site agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any psychology resident applicant.

Our sincere best wishes for a successful match! Thank you for your interest in our program.

A reminder: our deadline for applications is OCTOBER 30, 5:00 PM, PST.

For the AAPI Application and/or questions about the AAPI contact APPIC:

For Internship Program questions contact:
Psychology Internship Program
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
University of Washington School of Medicine
Box 356560
Room BB1627D, Health Sciences Bldg
1959 N.E. Pacific Street

Seattle, WA 98195-6560
Phone: (206) 543-7576 FAX: (206) 685-8952

(Please note: Reference letters should not be sent separately to the Internship office. UPLOAD them with your online application. We require 3 letters of reference but will accept 4 letters if you wish to add them to your online application)

UW School of Medicine Psychology Internship Program(

APPLICATION MATERIALS: All materials should be included with the online APPIC materials. Nothing should be sent separately to our program. The only materials accepted will be those uploaded with the APPI application.

Standard ONLINE APPIC application form (the AAPI) (available at

For the diversity question on the APPI application which reads, "Please describe your experience and training in work with diverse populations. Your discussion should display explicitly the manner in which multicultural/diversity issues influence your clinical practice and case conceptualization", please do more than list your experiences.

Our Programs APPIC/NMS program TRACK codes:

General Adult Psychology
(APPIC/NMS program code = 161913)

General Child Psychology
(APPIC/NMS program code = 161912)

Behavioral Medicine/Neuropsychology
(APPIC/NMS program code = 161914)


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