University of Washington School of Medicine
Psychology Internship Program


2015-2016 Application year

Please review the following instructions carefully.

We utilize the online APPIC Application for Psychology Internships (AAPI). Please do not send any materials separately to our program. Consistent with APPIC policies, the only materials accepted will be those uploaded with the AAPI application.

Our deadline for applications is OCTOBER 30, 5:00 PM, PST.

Please note that you may only apply to one track.

Application Instructions:

As part of your APPIC application, you must submit a cover letter.

Applicants are required to follow specific instructions for preparing their cover letter for the track to which they are applying.
Please click on the track name below to view the specific cover letter instructions for that track.

For questions about the ONLINE AAPI please contact APPIC


Applicants must:


Ratings of Applicants

Our psychology resident selection process is designed to ensure a fair review of all applications. Applications are rated independently by at least two faculty psychologists. Ratings are made on the quality of academic and clinical training and performance, research potential, personal characteristics, and the apparent goodness of fit between the applicant's interests and our program.

We will make every effort possible to notify applicants of their status as soon as possible. Please, do not email or call the program to inquire about your application status unless you think there is a problem. Response time for about a week after the application deadline will be slow as we process applications.

Application Materials

All materials should be included with the online APPIC materials. Nothing should be sent separately to our program. The only materials accepted will be those uploaded with the APPI application.

For the diversity question on the APPI application which reads, "Please describe your experience and training in work with diverse populations. Your discussion should display explicitly the manner in which multicultural/diversity issues influence your clinical practice and case conceptualization"; please do more than list your experiences.

Our Programs APPIC/NMS program TRACK codes:

General Adult Psychology (APPIC/NMS program code = 161913)

General Child Psychology (APPIC/NMS program code = 161912)

Behavioral Medicine/Neuropsychology (APPIC/NMS program code = 161914)

Information of Interest to Minority Applicants

We strive to have classes that vary in terms of geography, age, socioeconomic background, gender, and race/ethnicity. The training faculty have diverse interests, personal, and professional backgrounds. The program facilitates supportive, collegial connections between psychology residents and faculty. In the larger University and School of Medicine community, there are a number of resources and events specifically for minority students.

(See Office of Multicultural Affairs - School of Medicine) (See Diversity Advancement Committee)

The ethnic distribution of the population of Seattle, the University of Washington community and the participating medical centers of the internship are shown in the chart below. The population served by these medical centers encompasses adults, and children with a broad range of psychological and medical problems and drawn from a diverse array of ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Seattle is a community known to be welcoming of other forms of diversity including a large and active gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community. Internship training faculty would be pleased to speak with applicants further about any particular resources or aspects of the Seattle community that are of interest.

Ethnic Diversity in Seattle, the UW Community, and Participating Medical Centers



Asian/ Pacific Islander


Hispanic/ Latino

Native American








5% multiracial; 2% other
UW Students






3% unknown; 14% international
Medical Centers            
Seattle Children's Hospital Demographics






17% other/unreported
Harborview Medical Center Demographics






8% other
University of Washington Medical Center Demographics
17% other


Information of Interest to Applicants with Disabilities

Applicants with disabilities are encouraged to apply to our program. In the past, we have accommodated psychology residents with a variety of physical disabilities, including disabilities requiring manual and motorized wheelchair accessibility. The Disabled Student Services Office coordinates special services made available to residents, including a variety of university services, equipment, and publications. Special services from the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine's Assistive Technology Resource also are available. The University of Washington Medical Center's Rehabilitation Medicine and Rehabilitation Psychology Divisions are internationally known, and collaborations between students and faculty members are regarded to be mutually beneficial. The internship program offers experience in working with patients who have a variety of physical disabilities. (Disability Services Office) (Access Guide) (APPIC/NMS program code = 161914)


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