If you would like to speak to interns who have completed the program please email psychsom@uw.edu


Christopher Beam
E-mail: crbeam@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of Virginia
Clinical/Research Interests: My clinical work focuses on adult outpatient and inpatient psychiatric populations, particularly patients with depression, anxiety, personality, psychotic, and substance use disorders. My research interests include relationship functioning, depression, and mortality across the life-span, as well as using behavior genetic methods to uncover the gene-environment correlative processes underlying trait development.

Brian Feinstein
E-mail: bfein@uw.edu
Graduate Program: Stony Brook University
Clinical/Research Interests: My research focuses on social determinants of health among sexual minorities, particularly risk and protective factors related to depression, anxiety, and substance use. I am also interested in the associations between interpersonal functioning (particularly in romantic and sexual relationships) and psychopathology in general. Clinically, I am most interested in anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, but I have experience treating a range of other problems as well (e.g., mood disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, relationship dysfunction).

Brianna Turner
E-mail: brturner@uw.edu
Graduate Program: Simon Fraser University
Clinical/Research Interests: The majority of my clinical training has been in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and my clinical work has focused on adults and teens who engage in self-damaging behaviors, including self-injury, suicide, substance abuse, disordered eating and risky sexual behavior. My research examines risk and resilience in non-suicidal self-injury and related behaviors, as well as emotion regulation in Borderline Personality Disorder.


Joy Gabrielli
E-mail: joy.gabrielli@seattlechildrens.org or joyg3@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of Kansas, Clinical Child Psychology Program
Clinical/Research Interests: I have primarily worked with children in outpatient and hospital-based settings with varied presenting problems including ADHD, anxiety, substance use, and oppositionality. My research interests center on risk and resilience in youth (particularly those subjected to adverse life experiences), substance use in youth, cultural influences, and statistical modeling techniques for developmental research.

Jessica Jenness
E-mail: jessica.jenness@seattlechildrens.org or jennessj@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of Denver
Clinical/Research Interests: My clinical work has been primarily with youth diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and AD/HD as well as conducting assessments and group therapy for adolescents on the autism spectrum. My research interests include examining the biological basis of youth depression with an emphasis on the additional risk conveyed by environmental factors, such as interpersonal and chronic stress.

Jeremy Luk
E-mail: jeremy.luk@seattlechildrens.org or jwluk@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of Washington
Clinical/Research Interests: : Broadly, I am interested in the delivery of evidence-based treatments across a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings. Trained in child clinical psychology, my clinical work often utilizes family-based intervention approaches. My research focuses on elucidating developmental pathways to externalizing behaviors, especially substance use behaviors. My dissertation examined measurement invariance of parenting across European and Asian American youth, and tested whether developmental pathways from parenting to substance use differed across these ethnic groups.

Adam Miller
E-mail: adam.miller@seattlechildrens.org OR abm15@uw.edu
Graduate Program: George Mason University
Clinical/Research Interests: Clinical interests include adolescents presenting with risky behaviors(substance use, sexual behavior, suicidal behavior), family interventions, and adolescents presenting with comorbid medical concerns; Research interests include adolescent development, adolescent suicidal behavior, biophysiological changes related to trauma, and longitudinal study designs and statistical models.


Michelle Accardi
E-mail: mca9@uw.edu
Graduate Program: Binghamton University
Clinical/Research Interests: Iíve been fortunate to obtain quite varied clinical experiences including outpatient chronic injury/illness, intake interviewing, neuropsychology, and child/family therapy. My inpatient experience has been limited to a forensic setting with adults who have developmental disabilities, and I have also worked as a consultant for behavioral management issues in school settings. My main clinical and research interests involve the adjustment to illness/injury and the psychological factors that affect oneís openness to treatment and assessment. In addition I am interested in the outcomes associated with peer mentorship.

Nicole Alberts
E-mail: albertsn@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of Regina
Clinical/Research Interests: The majority of my clinical work has been with adults in psychiatric inpatient, outpatient, and rehabilitation settings as well as children in mental health outpatient settings. I am interested in the assessment and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders within the context of acute and chronic medical conditions. My research interests include Internet-based interventions and their use among medical populations, the assessment and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, and in particular severe health anxiety, and the implementation of health interventions.

Laura Boucher
E-mail: boucher3@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of Montana - Missoula
Clinical/Research Interests: My clinical work has included general outpatient psychotherapy, chronic pain outpatient treatment, and college counseling. I have particularly enjoyed behavioral medicine, brief treatment, and mindfulness-based interventions. My research interests center around expanding access to mental health care. This has taken the form of studying and designing anti-stigma interventions and working to improve mental health screening.

Michael Dunbar
E-mail: dunbarms@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of Pittsburgh
Clinical/Research Interests: My clinical work has involved individuals with tobacco dependence, chronic illness, and neuropsychological issues. My research interests include contextual influences on tobacco use and other health behaviors, ecological momentary assessment of health behaviors and psychological/cognitive symptoms, and ecological validity of assessments.

Daniel O'Rourke
E-mail: djo13@uw.edu
Graduate Program:University of Washington
Clinical/Research Interests: My clinical work has been diverse, with emphasis on Eating Disorder treatment, inpatient psychiatric work, neuropsychological testing, sport psychology, and routine outcome monitoring. My dissertation focused on predictors of post-concussion recovery and my research has more generally examined the role of parents upon youth athlete well-being in sport.

Noreen Watson
E-mail: nlwatson@uw.edu
Graduate Program: Texas Tech University
Clinical/Research Interests: My research interests include examining psychosocial factors that play a role in the development and maintenance of risky health behaviors (e.g., cigarette smoking, alcohol and marijuana use, risky sexual activity and violent/aggressive behaviors). Clinically, I am interested in behavioral medicine, adjustment to illness and disability (particularly among young adults), psychosocial oncology, and mindfulness-based interventions.

Katherine Wright
E-mail: wright6@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
Clinical/Research Interests: Behavioral medicine and brief interventions; Motivational Interviewing; underserved populations; enhancement of patient-provider communication; implementation and evaluation of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) protocols for substance use; examining multilevel, biopsychosocial factors that contribute to successful behavior change with regard to substance use or other health behaviors; examining factors that contribute to adjustment to injury; program evaluation.

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