If you would like to speak to interns who have completed the program please email psychsom@uw.edu


Jennifer Cadigan
E-mail: cadiganj@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of Missouri
Clinical/Research Interests: My research centers on developing and implementing behavioral change interventions, including brief motivational interventions, to reduce hazardous alcohol use. I also am interested in personalized feedback interventions, examining mechanisms of change, and risk and protective factors that inform prevention and intervention efforts for alcohol use disorders. Clinically, I am interested in Motivational Interviewing for substance use disorders. I have primarily worked in hospital settings with diverse patients including Veterans and geriatric populations.

Andrea Niles
E-mail: aniles@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of California, Los Angeles
Clinical/Research Interests: My research focuses on behavioral treatment of anxiety disorders. I am interested in gaining a better understanding of why treatments work by examining neural and cognitive mechanisms, and, using basic neuroscience research and statistical methods, I hope to improve treatment effectiveness. I have also worked with patients from a variety of backgrounds with a primary focus on the treatment of anxiety and depression. I use behavioral treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Through my work as a researcher and therapist, I hope to promote the use of evidence-based treatments for psychological disorders among practicing clinicians.

Mandy Owens
E-mail: mandyo@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of New Mexico
Clinical/Research Interests: My research focuses on treatments for individuals with alcohol and other drug use disorders, and, more specifically, those involved with the criminal justice system. My clinical work builds upon my research interests and has included various empirically supported treatments for substance use disorders, but I also have experiences with and interest in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Community Reinforcement and Family Training, and couple therapy.


Anne Arnett
E-mail: arnettab@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of Denver
Clinical/Research Interests: My clinical experiences have focused primarily on neuropsychological assessment of children with neurological, congenital, and developmental disorders. My research focuses on the etiology and development of disruptive behavior disorder symptoms, including ADHD and conduct problems. I am interested in identifying the cognitive endophenotypes associated with these symptoms, as well as explaining characteristics such as sex differences, comorbidity and developmental trajectories.

Nancy Lau
E-mail: nancylau@uw.edu
Graduate Program: Harvard University
Clinical/Research Interests: I have worked with children and adolescents with a range of internalizing and externalizing disorders in outpatient and school-based settings. I am primarily interested in the etiology, assessment, and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders from a developmental psychopathology perspective. My program of research has largely been inspired and shaped by my clinical experiences delivering psychotherapy to youths and their caregivers. My research interests include biopsychosocial factors that affect intervention outcomes for youth anxiety and depression, therapist adherence and competence, and culturally-adapted treatments for minority populations.

Tyler Sasser
E-mail: tysasser@uw.edu
Graduate Program: The Pennsylvania State University
Clinical/Research Interests: My clinical work has focused on psychosocial interventions for children with ADHD and other peer problems. My research interests include the developmental psychopathology of and interventions for ADHD and disruptive behavior disorders, the development of self-regulation and executive function processes, and preventive interventions designed to promote self-regulation as well as academic and social-emotional functioning in low-income preschoolers

Sarah Wu
E-mail: sarahwu@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of Colorado, Boulder
Clinical/Research Interests: Clinically, I have worked primarily with adults, adolescents, and children in community mental health centers and neuropsychological assessment clinics. I am interested in broadening my assessment and treatment skills with developmental populations within the medical setting. My research focuses on studying the underlying etiology of learning disorders and ADHD, as well as the factors that contribute to their comorbidity.


Rachel Aaron
E-mail: aaronrv@uw.edu
Graduate Program: Vanderbilt University
Clinical/Research Interests: I study why and how subjective emotional awareness is important. Particularly, I'm interested in how emotional awareness is related to mental and physical health outcomes (e.g., experience of pain), as well its role in empathic processing. My dissertation examines subjective emotion awareness as a mechanism of change in mindfulness-based interventions. I've worked with a variety of clinical and medical populations (juvenile offenders, eating disorders, chronic medical conditions) which are connected by my interest in emotion regulation and adjustment to trauma.

Anne Arewasikporn
E-mail: aarewasi@uw.edu
Graduate Program: Arizona State University
Clinical/Research Interests: Clinically, I have worked with diverse community and medical patients in a wide variety of outpatient and inpatient settings (e.g., department clinic, community mental health, medical hospital, private practice) utilizing evidence-based treatments such as CBT and mindfulness-based treatments. My research focuses on social and emotional factors that promote resilience in adults—particularly those with health conditions—like chronic pain.

Ann Clawson
E-mail: annc4@uw.edu
Graduate Program: Brigham Young University
Clinical/Research Interests: My clinical training has been focused on neuropsychological assessment and treatment of traumatic brain injury, stroke, epilepsy, and other acquired brain injuries. I am particularly interested in working with pediatric populations and have also received training in autism diagnostic assessment. My research is focused on examining behavioral and EEG indices of cognitive control processing in autism spectrum disorder.

Larissa Del Piero
E-mail: delpiero@uw.edu
Graduate Program: University of Southern California
Clinical/Research Interests: My clinical training has primarily focused on neuropsychological assessment of both children and adults with diverse cognitive and medical concerns. I also have experience working with individuals and families within school and community clinic settings, particularly using CBT, mindfulness, and family systems approaches. My research focuses on the impact of violence exposure on cognitive processes and emotion regulation. My dissertation uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and a novel experimental paradigm to explore cognitive control of emotions in youth who have been exposed to family violence throughout childhood and adolescence. .

Jared I. Israel
E-mail: jaredii@uw.edu
Graduate Program:University of Missouri - St. Louis
Clinical/Research Interests: My research focuses on psychosocial factors that affect health care use in vulnerable populations, such as homeless adults. Clinically, my interests are adjustment to injury as well as the intersection of serious mental illness and comorbid medical issues.

Monica Lindgren
E-mail: mlindgre@uw.edu
Graduate Program: The Ohio State University
Clinical/Research Interests: Clinically, I have worked with palliative care, primary care, weight management, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, and community mental health populations. I am interested in brief interventions that emphasize symptom management (e.g., pain) and psychological adjustment to acute and chronic medical conditions. My research interests include psychoneuroimmunology, psycho-oncology, and more recently, emotion regulation outcomes following cognitive or physical rehabilitation therapies.

Michael W. Williams
E-mail: mww1@uw.edu
Graduate Program: Wayne State University
Clinical/Research Interests: Clinically, I have worked with individuals diagnosed with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other neurological conditions in addition to those suffering from psychiatric conditions, such as depression, borderline personality disorder, and hoarding. My primary research area has been outcome predictions post brain injury. I also have research interests in psychometrics and ecological validity of neuropsychological evaluation.

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