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University of Washington
Psychology Internship Program


Orientation and Rotation Selection

Psychology residents are oriented to the training program during the first two days of the internship. Depending on the track, rotations can range in length from three to six months. When possible, residents are assigned to rotations so they have a planned, graduated experience across rotations. For example, a resident's first rotation may be in a more familiar setting; rotations in less familiar settings may occur later in the year.

Major rotations are typically offered on a continuing basis although changes in rotation availability based on funding are possible.

Organization of the Training Track System

The internship training program is a generalist program but offers three emphasis tracks:

  1. General Adult Psychology
  2. General Child Psychology
  3. Behavioral Medicine/Neuropsychology

Rotations are primarily located at:

  • University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC)
  • Harborview Medical Center (HMC)
  • Seattle Children's Hospital (SCH)