Psychiatry Clerkship

General Information

Clerkship Requirements

In addition to these requirements, there may be other requirements at your particular site. Please see the materials provided at your orientation for the exact requirements for your clerkship.


  • Orally present two complete cases to your attending and/or preceptor. The oral presentations should be 5-10 minutes in length and include all the components of a typical psychiatric admission note with an extensive assessment and plan. They should NOT include handouts or visual materials. The assessment and plan should be patient focused discussing the differential diagnosis and treatment option in the context of the individual patient. Formal literature citation is not expected though clearly your diagnosis, assessment and plan should be evidence based. Your attending and/or preceptor will be asked to comment on the strength of your oral presentations in your evaluation. (Please submit to Gayle Schneider**.)
  • CEX completed, signed by attending, copy made for self, and original sent to Gayle Schneider**. Please refer to the CEX tab for instructions on how to complete the CEX.
  • Topic presented to attending and/or treatment team. It is expected this will be at least 15 minutes long. You should prepare either a handout or a power point presentation. The topic must relate to psychiatry and you must cite the scientific literature.
  • AA meeting attended: All of you attended a meeting in your first two years but the meetings vary significantly so I want you to be exposed to a second meeting.
  • Clerkship Experience Log including each of the following:
    • Patient Exposure Log: When you see a patient in a specific category, for example a patient with an anxiety disorder, please note this on the Patient Exposure Log. If you have any categories empty by the 3rd week of the clerkship select a case on the online cases for that diagnosis and mark this as a patient exposure on the Patient Exposure Log. This is our way of assuring you have some exposure to a wide variety of psychiatric diagnoses.
    • Professionalism/bioethics case reflection: Complete one professionalism/bioethics case. The professionalism/bioethics case can either be an online case or a case you were involved in. Once you complete an online case BUT BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT, print out your responses to the case and attach to your Clerkship Experience Log OR write a short reflection on your Clerkship Experience Log. (Online cases CANNOT be printed after they have been accepted/submitted.)
    • Mid-clerkship feedback: This is feedback of your work, not your feedback of the clerkship. It MUST be done by an attending and it MUST be in writing.
    • Send completed Clerkship Experience Log to Gayle Schneider**. Completed paperwork is required before your grade will be submitted. Failure to do this can result in an incomplete or failing grade.
  • Participation with or exposure to a patient with: bipolar disorder, major depression, schizophrenia, organic mental disorder, personality disorder, anxiety, and substance abuse/dependence.
  • Experience in depth with one medication in each of the following medication groups: SSRI, antimanic agent, antianxiety agent, atypical antipsychotic, non-atypical antipsychotic, and anti-EPS agent
  • Complete at least six online cases.
  • Prompt return at the end of the rotation of any keys, pager, books, or other materials checked out to the student; grades will be withheld if these are missing.
  • Completion of required School of Medicine evaluation forms.


  • Observation of electroconvulsive therapy
  • Review second year HuBio syllabus
  • Participation of a recreation, cognitive behavior, dialectical behavior, chemical dependence, goals planning, or relaxation group
  • Going with your patient to a test or procedure (such as a CT scan, MRI, or EEG)

** For all documents that must be submitted to Gayle Schneider, you can e-mail to as electronic attachments, fax to 206-744-3236, send by Campus Mail to Box 359911, or by USPS to Gayle Schneider, Box 359911, 325 9th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104-2499.

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