Psychiatry Clerkship


WRITE students complete the first half of the Psychiatry Clerkship in an inpatient setting. During that three week period you are very busy as you need to complete all of the requirements for the clerkship including the following:

  • Two complete psychiatric write ups
  • CEX
  • Exposure to the major psychiatric illnesses via live patients and web-based cases
  • Exposure to a bioethics case via a live patient or web-based case
  • Mid-rotation feedback that you document on the Clerkship experience log
  • Completion of at least 6 web-based cases
  • Oral presentation on a topic related to psychiatry
  • Complete and turn in your Psychiatry Clerkship Experience Log

You do have the flexibility of taking the clerkship exam at the end of the 3 week inpatient block or later including while you are at your WRITE site.  So you are able to make an informed decision we have looked back to see how WRITE students perform on the exam when taken at the end of the 3 week inpatient experience versus later.  The scores were exactly the same for students taking the exam at the end of the rotation, in the 3 week block immediately after the rotation and months later at their WRITE site so we will let you decide when you would like to take the exam. Some students want to get the exam over and others feel after only 3 weeks they are not ready. You will need to let Gayle Schneider know when you would like to take the exam.

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