Particle Theory Group Members

Particle Theory Group Members

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Masha Barkayhtar (Ph.D. 2015, Stanford) recent papers, home page
Theoretical particle physics, novel searches for beyond the standard model physics

Justin Kaidi (Ph.D. 2020, UCLA) recent papers, home page
Quantum field theory and string theory, borrowing results from number theory, category theory and algebraic topology

Marilena Loverde (Ph.D. 2009, Columbia) recent papers, home page

Natalie Paquette (Ph.D. 2017, Stanford) recent papers, home page
String theory, quantum field theory, mathematical physics

Stephen R. Sharpe (Ph.D. 1983, UC Berkeley) recent papers, home page
Lattice gauge theory and non-perturbative QCD, including chiral perturbation theory for lattice QCD, weak matrix elements, improved actions.

Laurence G. Yaffe (Ph.D. 1980, Princeton) recent papers, home page
Non-perturbative field theory, including large N gauge theories and dynamics of high temperature gauge theories.

Affiliate, Emeritus and Visiting Faculty

Stephen D. Ellis (Ph.D. 1971, Caltech) home page
Perturbative quantum chromodynamics and collider phenomenology.

Marshall Baker (Ph.D. 1958, Harvard) home page
Effective string models and confinement of quarks.

Jeffrey Mandula
Lattice gauge theories, non-perturbative QFT.

Weonjong Lee
Lattice gauge theory.


Niklas Garner (Ph.D. 2021, UC Davis) papers

Sebastian Dawid (Ph.D. 2022, Indiana University) papers

Zach Weiner (Ph.D. 2021, UIUC) papers

David Cyncynates (Ph.D. 2022, Stanford) papers

Graduate Students

Caio Bastos de Senna Nascimento, papers

Zach Draper, papers

Victor Fernandez, papers

Charhas Shiveshwarkar, papers

Related Faculty

Numerous other faculty and postdocs at the UW share interests and often collaborate with members of the particle theory group. Among these are:

Previous Postdocs and Students

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