UW Tsunami Modeling Group

The University of Washington Tsunami Modeling Group consists primarily of Loyce Adams, Frank Gonzalez, and Randy LeVeque. We focus on numerical modeling of tsunami generation, propagation, and inundation, primarily using the open source GeoClaw software developed by this group and our collaborators.

Much of our work is focused on tsunami hazards to Washington State, particularly from the Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ). See for example this animation of a hypothetical Mw 9.0 event.

We have been heavily involved in the NSF-funded M9 Project at UW, an interdisciplinary effort whose goal is to reduce catastrophic potential effects of a Cascadia megathrust earthquake on social, built, and natural environments through the advancement of methodologies, early warnings, and community planning. This work will be continuing with new NSF funding recieved in 2021 for the CoPe HUB The Cascadia Coastlines and People Hazards Research Hub, in collaboration with Oregon State University. For more information please see the press releases from UW and OSU.

For more simulation results and links to reports and journal publications, see these recent projects.