Washington P-3 Executive Leadership Certificate Program

Update: Due to the changing P-3 landscape in Washington state, applications, enrollment, and launch for the 2018 Washington P-3 Executive Leadership Certificate Program will be delayed for approximately six to nine months. During this time Program staff will synthesize what we have learned in the first four years of the Program and conduct outreach across the state to gain current perspectives on needs and opportunities related to P-3 efforts.

The Washington P-3 Executive Leadership Certificate Program is designed to build and support a cadre of administrators—in both early learning and elementary education—who are well equipped to ensure Washington’s young children have a high quality continuum of learning that begins at birth and extends through elementary school regardless of race, class, culture, or zip code. The ten-month, credit-bearing course of study is for practicing elementary school principals and site-based early learning program directors/managers in the state of Washington.

The curriculum is based on 11 standards that guide comprehensive P-3 approaches and are based on the Framework for Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating PreK-3rd Grade Approaches (Kauerz & Coffman, 2013). The curriculum challenges the status quo and redefines P-3 leadership to more adequately serve our youngest learners by preparing administrators across the P-3 continuum with:

  1. Knowledge of relevant P-3 pedagogy, equity-driven decision making, and policy;
  2. Skills, dispositions, and effective strategies to lead complex change; and
  3. Specific guidance to implement P-3 approaches in their home schools, programs, and communities through the design and enactment of Action Research Projects that are focused on reducing opportunity and achievement gaps.

For more information about the Washington P-3 Executive Leadership Certificate Program, please see the program description or contact Mari Taylor (taylom@uw.edu).