Respiratory Critical Care Conference
Every Thursday each month, 1:30-2:30 p.m. in HMC R&T 109/113.
Contacts: Mark Tonelli, Basak Coruh, Tyler Albert or James Town.  

      We have implemented a recording system for these conferences. This includes capturing
      presentations in our online system called TEGRITY (UW NetID required). It serves as a
      collection of all past core conferences and a resource for fellows in accordance with ACGME

     The Respiratory Critical Care Conference FULL SCHEDULE can be found in Google:
     Pulmonary Conferences

     To access the recording, click directly on the presentation title.

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  Aug 16, 2012   Trish Kritek, MD   (Pulmonary) Advanced Mechanical Ventilation
  Aug 23, 2012   Michael Souter, MD   (Critical Care) Neuro ICU
  Sept 6, 2012   Amy Morris, MD   (Critical Care) Ultrasound
  Sept 13, 2012   William Hurley, MD   (Critical Care) Toxicology
  Sept 20, 2012   Kristina Crothers, MD   (Pulmonary) HIV-Related Lung Disease
  Sept 27, 2012   David Carlbom, MD   (Critical Care) Sepsis (pdf)
  Oct 4, 2012   Jeff Edelman, MD   (Pulmonary) Lung Transplant
  Oct 11, 2012   Chris Carlson, MD   (Critical Care) Pancreatitis (pdf)
  Oct 18, 2012   GuangShing Cheng, MD   (Pulmonary) Lung Cancer -- cancelled
  Oct 25, 2012   Eliot Fagley, MD   (Critical Care) Cardiac ICU
  Nov 1, 2012   Teal Hallstrand, MD   (Pulmonary) Asthma
  Nov 8, 2012   Steve Deem, MD   (Critical Care) Sedation in the ICU
  Nov 29, 2012   Andrew Luks, MD   (Critical Care) Monitoring in the ICU (pdf)
  Dec 6, 2012   Sunny Lim, MD   (Pulmonary) Endemic Fungi (pdf)
  Dec 20, 2012   Eoin West, MD   (Pulmonary) Pleural Disease


  Jan 31, 2013   Paula Carvalho, MD   (Pulmonary) Obesity-Hypoventilation Syndrome (pdf)
  Feb 7, 2013   Lisa VandeVusse, MD   (Crit Care) Transfusions in Critical Care
  Feb 14, 2013   David Park, MD   (Pulmonary) Community-Acquired Pneumonia
  Feb 21, 2013   Matt Prekker, MD   (Pulmonary) Exercise Physiology (pdf to be added soon)
  Mar 7, 2013   Michael Liang, MD   (Pulmonary) Cough (pdf)
  Mar 28, 2013   Thomas Varghese, MD   (Pulmonary) Approach to Mediastinal Disease
  Apr 4, 2013   David Horne, MD MPH   (Pulmonary) Tuberculosis
  Apr 11, 2013   Michael Ryan, MD   (Critical Care) Acute Kidney Injury & Renal Replacement Therapy
  Apr 18, 2013   Ann Long, MD   (Pulmonary) Vasculitits (pdf)
  Apr 25, 2013   Gordon Rubenfeld, MD   (Critical Care) Evidence Based Critical Care: The Pendulum Swings
  May 2, 2013   Basak Coruh, MD   (Pulmonary) Occupational Lung Disease
  May 9, 2013   Paul Pottinger, MD   (Critical Care) Antiobiotics
  May 23, 2013   Jeff Johnson, MD   (Critical Care) Liver Failure
  May 30, 2013   Josh Benditt, MD   (Pulmonary) Neuromuscular Disease
  June 6, 2013   GuangShing Cheng, MD   Lung Cancer
  June 13, 2013   Seppo Rinne, MD   COPD (pdf)
  July 25, 2013   Robb Glenny, MD   Pulmonary Circulation (pdf)
  Aug 1, 2013   Josh Benditt, MD   Respiratory Mechanics (pdf)
  Sept 5, 2013   Crystal Brown, MD   Sickle Cell Disease
  Sept 19, 2013   Terri Hough, MD   Berlin Definition of ARDS (pdf)
  Sept 26, 2013   Bridget Collins, MD   Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Diseases
  Oct 3, 2013   Matt Hallman, MD   Dysnatremias (pdf)
  Oct 10, 2013   Erika Lease, MD   Infectious Complications in Lung Transplant
  Oct 17, 2013   Eoin West, MD   Sepsis
  Oct 24, 2013   Vik Padmanabhan, MD   Cystic Lung Disease
  Nov 7, 2013   Bridget Collins, MD   Sarcoidosis
  Nov 14, 2013   Erik Van Eaton, MD   Critical in the Trauma ICU
  Nov 21, 2013   Rosemary Adamson, MD   Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (pdf)
  Dec 5, 2013   Erin Kross, MD   Ethics and End of Life Care in the ICU (pdf)
  Dec 12, 2013   Jed Gorden, MD   Management of Malignant Pleural Effusions
  Dec 19, 2013   Randy Curtis, MD   Quality Improvement and Quality Improvement Research


  Jan 2, 2014   Matt Altman, MD   Immunomodulatory Therapies and Asthma
  Jan 9, 2014   Michael Chen, MD   Management of MI
  Jan 16, 2014   Trish Kritek, MD, EdM   Hypertensive Emergency
  Jan 23, 2014   Aaron Joffe, DO   Airway Management in the ICU (pdf)
  Feb 6, 2014   Vijay Krishnamoorthy MD   Ultrasound in Critical Care
  Feb 13, 2014   Erika Lease, MD   Fungal Infections: The Spectrum of Clinical Disease
  Feb 20, 2014   Anne Melzer, MD   Acute Management of Stroke (pdf)
  Feb 27, 2014   Andrew Graustein, MD   Pulmonary Parasitic and Zoonotic Infections (pdf)
  Mar 6, 2014   Elizabeth Broussard, MD   Management of Acute Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  Mar 20, 2014   Basak Coruh, MD   Acute Liver Failure (pdf)
  Mar 27, 2014   Matt Wemple, MD   Massive Hemoptysis
  Apr 3, 2014   Timothy Watkins, MD   Transfusion in Critical Care
  Apr 10, 2014   Tyler Albert, MD   Eosinophilic Lung Disease (pdf)
  Apr 29, 2014   David Carlbom, MD   Targeted Temperature Management after Cardiac Arrest (pdf)
  May 8, 2014   Engi Attia, MD   Pulmonary Infections in the Immunocompromised Host (pdf)
  May 22, 2014   Sarah Jolley, MD   Neuromuscular Weakness in the ICU (pdf)
  June 19, 2014   David Pierson, MD   Special Talk: Publishing Other Than Research (pdf)
  July 3, 2014   Andrew Luks, MD   Physiology at Work in the ICU (pdf)
  Aug 7, 2014   Lisa Vande Vusse, MD   Target Specific Oral Anticoagulants and Factor Replacement (pdf)
  Sept 11, 2014   Crystal Brown, MD   Acute Liver Failure (pdf)
  Oct 2, 2014   Bijan Ghassemieh, MD   Diagnosis and Treatment of Latent TB Infection (pdf)
  Dec 11, 2014   Andrew Graustein, MD   Pulmonary Vasculitides (pdf)


  Feb 12, 2015   Zachary Goldberger, MD   Arrhythmias in the ICU (pdf)
  Feb 26, 2015   Rudy Rodriguez, MD   AKI, CKD and RRT in ICU (pdf)
  Mar 5, 2015   Teal Hallstrand, MD   Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction (pdf)
  Mar 12, 2015   Cameron Bass, MD   Bedside Ultrasound in Resuscitation (pdf)
  Apr 30, 2015   Ern Kross, MD   ATS Year in Review: Family Communication (pdf)
  May 21, 2015   Jan HIrschmann, MD   Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis (pdf)
  June 4, 2015   Guang Shing Cheng, MD   Advanced Bronchoscopy (pdf)
  July 16, 2015   Mark Tonelli, MD   Brief History of the Lung (pdf)
  Aug 13, 2015   Robb Glenny, MD   Incoming Fellows Pulmonary Circulation (pdf)
  Sept 3, 2015   Anna Brady, MD   Pneumonia in 2015 Core Concepts and Recent Updates (pdf)
  Sept 10, 2015   Lisa Vande Vusse, MD   Direct Oral Anticoagulants and Their Reversal (pdf)
  Sept 17, 2015   Coralynn Sack, MD   Asthma (pdf)
  Oct 1, 2015   Rodney Schmidt, MD PhD   Diagnostic Approach to Chronic ILD (pdf)
  Oct 15, 2015   Vince Fan, MD   Management of Chronic COPD Beyond Inhalers (pdf)

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