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Clinician-Educators -- October, 2010

Clinician-Educator Group

The University of Washington School of Medicine is renowned in the United States and around the world for its medical education. It is routinely ranked among the very top medical schools for both its research and teaching programs. The Clinician-Educators in the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine have been major contributors to the superb educational opportunities at our Medical School. Our members contribute to medical education for students, residents, fellows and colleagues both locally and on a national and international level. Our Clinician-Educators are current or past members of national teaching and international conference program committees. A number of Clinician-Educators are routinely invited to national and international conferences to educate colleagues in areas of special interest.

Our members have won numerous accolades for teaching and clinical contributions both locally and nationally. These include the Paul B. Beeson Award, the highest teaching prize granted by the Internal Medicine Residents at the University of Washington (which 3 members of our group have received), the Distinguished Achievement Award of the American Thoracic Society, and the Jimmy A Young Medal, highest award of the American Association for Respiratory Care, which includes educational contributions to its approximately 50,000 members.

The Clinician-Educator is an academic physician whose major medical school responsibilities include clinical work and education of students, residents and fellows. This role has been developed over approximately the past 15 years as demands for clinical, research and teaching duties have increased at universities across the country. Promotion in this pathway is dependent on excellence in clinical work, teaching and scholarly activity that can range from development of educational tools and curricula to clinical research or reviews of important topics. Four of our faculty have been promoted to the level of professor in this track, and many others are making excellent progress in the promotional pathway.

Our Clinician-Educator group meets once a month for planning educational projects, reviewing current course teaching and to support each other in the process of career development. The discussions are stimulating and have led to substantive changes in some of our teaching offerings.

We have been one of the first Divisions in the country to actively train clinician educators. Through the Veterans Administration we currently are funded to train one clinician educator per year. This includes formal training in the Department of Medical Education where the fellow-trainee meets once per week for an entire year with a group of peers and an instructor to learn teaching methods. In addition, the fellow has a number of opportunities for formal and informal training outside of the Division.

Our Clinician-Educator group is the only one of its kind currently meeting within the Department of Medicine.

The members of our Clinician-Educators (in alphabetical order) and a brief bio are found below.


Resources for Clinician Educators

Clinician-Educator Fellows' Handbook


Rosemary Adamson  (Faculty Web Page)

Tyler Albert  (fellow trainee)

Josh Benditt  (Faculty Web Page)
I have been interested in teaching medical trainees as well as patients since I entered medicine. While in my first real job at Brown University, I was a co-director of the Respiratory Physiology Course where we instituted a problem-based format. Teaching residents on the wards or in the ICU is perhaps my favorite teaching venue and I felt fortunate to receive consecutive Teacher of the Year Awards while at Brown University and also the Beeson Award here at the University of Washington. Of late I have been involved in teaching nationally and internationally in my clinical field of expertise which is noninvasive ventilation and the support of patients with neuromuscular disease. I really enjoy teaching patients who come to many of these meetings as their thirst for knowledge is so great. I also facilitate our Clinician-Educator Group here at the University of Washington and have enjoyed helping more junior faculty make their way along the promotion pathway.

Martha "Molly" Billings  (Faculty Web Page)

David Carlbom  (Faculty Web Page)
     Teaching Philosophy

Paula Carvalho (Boise VA Medical Center)  (Faculty Web Page)

Guang-Shing Cheng  (Faculty Web Page)

Başak Çoruh  (Faculty Web Page)

Bruce Culver  (Faculty Web Page)

Jeff Edelman  (Faculty Web Page)

Rick Goodman  (Faculty Web Page)

Lawrence Ho  (Faculty Web Page)

Sid Kapnadak  (Faculty Web Page)

Vishesh Kapur  (Faculty Web Page)   (Faculty Research Page)
Vishesh Kapur’s clinical practice, research and teaching focus on the field of sleep medicine. He founded and directs the UW Medicine Sleep Center and the ACGME accredited Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program. He is the former chair of the Fellowship Training Committee for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and a member of the ABIM Subspecialty Sleep Medicine Test Writing Committee. He supervises sleep medicine and pulmonary fellows during rotations at the Sleep Center.  Dr. Kapur lectures nationally on a variety of topics related to sleep disordered breathing. His research interests include the management and epidemiology of sleep disordered breathing. He is an associate editor for the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine and the editorial board of the journal SLEEP.

Patricia Kritek  (Faculty Web Page)
My interest in teaching dates back to before I was a doctor and worked as a rowing coach for a number of years. Since that time, my passion for the education has only grown. After two years of fellowship and a subsequent year as chief resident at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, I decided my academic interest was really in curriculum design, implementation and evaluation as well as the role of technology in teaching medical students, residents and fellows. With this in mind, I went back to school at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and received my EdM. Since that time, I have worked on a variety of projects ranging from the incorporation of simulation into pre-clinical medical education and formalizing the advising process of third year medical students to partnering with the ACP to develop a web-based educational tool for teaching residents about critical care. I enjoy teaching in a variety of different venues from the bedside to the lecture hall. What I love the most is that the same physiology that we discuss with second year medical students in HuBio 541 is relevant to what happens on day to day basis in the ICU . My current role in the PCCM division is as the Associate Medical Director of Critical Care for UWMC. This job focuses on improving delivery of care and education across all the ICUs at UWMC and is a perfect pairing for development of new educational initiatives.

Erika Lease (Faculty Web Page)

Andy Luks  (Faculty Web Page)
Andy Luks has been a member of the clinician-educator group since joining the division in 2007. After spending a year working as a nocturnalist in the ICU at the UWMC, Andy now works at Harborview Medical Center where he attends on the medical, surgical and neurosurgical ICU services as well as the pulmonary consult service. While Andy plays an educational role for all levels of trainees, the bulk of his efforts are focused on medical students. He serves as the co-course chair for HuBio 541, the major second year medical student course on respiratory physiology and pathophysiology, co-course chair for two second year elective classes, Med 536 Introduction to Critical Care Medicine and Med 534 Wilderness Medicine, and clerkship director for the fourth year student clerkships, Med 620 Subinternship in Critical Care Medicine and Med 610 Clerkship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. He serves as the program director for the Critical Care Medicine fellowship training program. Outside of the teaching work, which has earned Andy both the Paul S. Beeson Award for his work with the residents and three School of Medicine Distinguished Teaching Awards for his work with the students, Andy has an interest in high altitude physiology and medicine having published numerous articles in this area and spent significant time conducting “experiments” on the effects of high altitude and hypoxia on his own brain.

Dave Madtes  (Faculty Web Page)

Amy Morris  (Faculty Web Page)

Masa Narita  (Faculty Web Page)

Vikran Padmanabhan  (fellow trainee)

Brian Palen  (Faculty Web Page)

Liz Parsons (Faculty Web Page)

Kevin Patel  (Faculty Web Page)

Dave Ralph  (Faculty Web Page)

Ken Steinberg  (Faculty Web Page)

William Thompson (Boise VA Medical Center)  (Faculty Web Page)

Mark Tonelli  (Faculty Web Page)
My interest in medical education has followed from my interest in the structure and underpinnings of clinical judgment. Within the Division, my primary educational role has been focused on fellows. Since assuming the Program Director position 2002, I have had the pleasure of supervising the training of over 70 fellows, most of whom have gone on to successful careers in academic medicine. With an enduring interest in medical ethics and the philosophy of medicine, I have an adjunct appointment in the Department of Bioethics and Humanities. I continue to teach in the areas of medical ethics, particularly involving critical care and adult cystic fibrosis. I particularly enjoy talking about the philosophical and epistemological bases for medical decision-making, though no one much likes to listen.

James Town  (fellow trainee)

Matt Wemple  (Faculty Web Page)

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