Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

Resources for Fellows


American Thoracic Society Fellows' Syllabus

University of Washington/Harborview MICU Syllabus
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Bronchoscopy Skills Assessment Form (To be completed by attendings)

Introduction to Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing 2nd Edition

Grant Applications

Writing a Fellowship Application

Writing a Successful Fellowship Application
(a podcast from the Office of Extramural Research, NIH)

NIH Loan Repayment Program


Basic Science Fellows' Handbook

Clinical Research Works-in-Progress (CRWIP)

Clinical Research Fellows' Handbook

UW Epidemiology Masters Degree Program

UW School of Public Health

Harborview Medical Center Research & Training Building

ISB Seattle Proteome Center

Seattle SNPs

Responsible Conduct of Research

Biomedical Research Integrity Program (BRI): http://depts.washington.edu/uwbri/

BRI Lecture Series Policy

Faculty Research Career Development Series: http://www.washington.edu/research/training/faculty-speaker-series/

HHS Office of Research Integrity: http://ori.hhs.gov/thelab

Rotation Curricula

Onc-BMT ICU Inpatient

SCCA Outpatient

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Harborview Medical Center - MICU

Harborview Medical Center - Pulmonary Consultation Service

Harborview Medical Center - Neurosurgical Critical Care Service

Harborview Medical Center - SICU Trauma Service

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UW Medical Center - MICU

UW Medical Center - Pulmonary Consultation Service

UW Medical Center - SICU

UW Medical Center - CCU

UW Medical Center - CT ICU

UWMC Clinics

UWMC Transplant Service -- Curricula

UWMC Transplant Service -- Syllabus
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Veterans Administration Medical Center - MICU

Veterans Administration Medical Center - Pulmonary Consultation Service

Veterans Administration Medical Center - SICU Rotation

Pulmonary & Critical Care Core Conferences

To see all past core conferences, go to recordings page: http://depts.washington.edu/pulmcc/conferences/coreconferences.html


PCCM – Mentor and Mentee Roles and Responsibilities

Mentoring Plan Template

Mentoring Plan Template - Clinician Educator

Agenda/Minutes Template – Mentoring Committee Meeting

How to Prep for a Mentoring Committee Meeting

Research Project Proposal Template

Questions for Clinical Research Fellows to Ask Potential Mentors

Questions for Basic Science Research Fellows to Ask Potential Mentors

Fellow to Faculty Transition Notes

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