Moira Aitken David Au Joshua BendittKristina Crothers J. Randall Curtis
Jeff Edelman Ruth Engelberg Vincent Fan Christopher Goss Teal Hallstrand
David Horne Terri Hough Vishesh Kapur Erin Kross Ganesh Raghu
David Ralph Eoin West Mark Wurfel


Clinical Research Program

The Clinical Research Program within the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine is one of the Division’s largest research programs and represents one of the oldest and most productive clinical research training programs nationally within pulmonary and critical care medicine. Our Clinical Research Program includes a spectrum of research approaches that includes clinical epidemiology, outcome measure development and assessment, clinical trials and health services research and covers a broad range of content areas including critical illnesses such as acute lung injury and sepsis, as well as acute and chronic lung diseases such as COPD, cystic fibrosis, asthma, lung cancer, tuberculous and non-tuberculous mycobacterial infections, pulmonary infections, pulmonary hypertension, interstitial lung diseases, and sleep disorders.

The Clinical Research Program includes a number of federally-funded research programs in critical illness, COPD, cystic fibrosis, and palliative and end-of-life care for patients with critical illness or chronic diseases as well as a clinical research training program targeting fellows as well as pre- and post-doctoral trainees. The clinical research training program is nationally recognized as a leading program and we have published our approach to serve as a model for other institutions: Training pulmonary and critical care physicians in outcomes research: Should we take the Challenge? (AJRCCM). This training program incorporates resources from the world-renowned University of Washington School of Public Health where many of our fellows and trainees take courses and obtain Master or PhD degrees in Epidemiology, Health Services Research, or Biostatistics. Our program also incorporates resources from the UW Clinical and Translational Science Award, called the Institute of Translational Health Sciences.

The Clinical Research Track meets once a week at Clinical Research Works in Progress (CRWIP) conference,, where fellows and faculty present planned and active research projects. A major strength of the UW Clinical Research Program, this conference provides access to a well-developed network of outstanding clinical researchers for participants to improve their research and experience in a variety of methodologies.

Examples of Division faculty with existing clinical research programs include:

Moira Aitken – clinical epidemiology of cystic fibrosis

David Au – Pharmacoepidemiolgy and quality of health care delivery for patients with COPD and lung cancer

Joshua Benditt – clinical outcomes of COPD and neuromuscular-related breathing disorders

Kristina Crothers – pulmonary complications of HIV infection

J. Randall Curtis – measuring and improving palliative and end-of-life care and clinician-patient and clinician-family communication

Jeff Edelman – clinical epidemiology and outcomes of lung transplantation

Ruth Engelberg – qualitative and quantitative methods for assessing palliative and end-of-life care and clinician-patient and clinician-family communication

Vincent Fan – quality of care for COPD and other chronic lung disease, improving patient self-management

Christopher Goss – cystic fibrosis, translational science in cystic fibrosis, symptom score development, clinical trials and air pollution

Teal Hallstrand – asthma and effects of exercise on airway function

David Horne -- tuberculosis - clinical outcomes, genetic epidemiology, and the impact of co-morbidities

Terri Hough – outcomes of acute lung injury and sepsis

Vishesh Kapur – epidemiology and clinical outcomes of sleep disorder breathing

Erin Kross – psychological, psychosocial, and functional outcomes of critical illness

Justin Ortiz -- research interest is the clinical epidemiology of respiratory infections

Ganesh Raghu – clinical epidemiology of interstitial lung diseases

David Ralph – clinical epidemiology of pulmonary hypertension

Timothy Watkins – critical care outcomes, acute lung injury and transfusion medicine

Eoin West – diagnosis and management of sepsis in resource poor settings

Mark Wurfel – genetic epidemiology of critical illness including sepsis and acute lung injury




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