Vishesh Kapur

Associate Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Adjunct Associate Professor of Neurology


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Last updated:  November 10, 2010

Research Focus

My areas of focus include the epidemiology and outcomes of sleep disordered breathing, and the management of obstructive sleep apnea.

Relevant Publications

Larrain A, Kapur VK, Gooley TA, Pope CE, Pharmacological Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea with a Combination of Pseudoephedrine and Domperidone. J Clin Sleep Med 2010 6(2): 117-23.

Kapur VK, Alfanso-Cristancho, R. Just a Good Deal or Truly a Steal? Medical Cost Savings and the Impact on the Cost-Effectiveness of Treating Sleep Apnea. Sleep 2009; 32:247-252. (Editorial)

Kapur VK, Resnick H, Gottlieb D. Sleep disordered breathing and hypertension: Does sleepiness modify the association? SLEEP 2008; 31 (8):1127-1132.

Kapur VK and Sullivan SD. More isn’t always better: Cost effectiveness analysis and the case for split-night studies. J Clin Sleep Med 2006 2(2): 145-153. (Editorial)

Kapur VK, Baldwin CM, Resnick HE, Gottlieb DJ, Nieto FJ. Sleepiness in moderate to severe sleep disordered breathing. SLEEP 2005, Vol. 28, No. 4, 472-7.

Baldwin CM, Kapur VK, Holberg CJ, Rosen C, Nieto FJ. Associations between Gender and Measures of Daytime Somnolence in the Sleep Heart Health Study. Sleep 2004 27(2): 305-11.

Walsleben, J, Kapur VK, Newman A, Shahar E, Bootzin R, Rosenberg C, O’Connor G, Nieto JF. Sleep and Reported Daytime Sleepiness in Normal Subjects: The Sleep Heart Health Study. Sleep 2004 27(2): 293-8.

Kapur V, Strohl KP, Redline S, Iber C, O’Connor G, and Nieto J. Underdiagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome in U.S. Communities. Sleep and Breathing 2002 6(2): 49-54.

Kapur VK, Redline S, Nieto FJ, Young TB, Newman AB, Henderson JA. The Relationship between disrupted sleep and healthcare use. Sleep 2002 25(3): 289-296.

Kapur VK, Blough D, Sandblom RE, Hert R, de Maine J, Sullivan SD, Psaty BM. The medical costs of undiagnosed sleep apnea. Sleep 1999, 22(6): 749-755.

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 Martha Billings

 MD   Social Factors and CPAP Adherence

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 Suzanne Krell  MD  Private Practice  Renton, WA
 Nathaniel Watson  MD, MS  Associate Professor  University of Washington

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