Research Projects

Funded Research Projects   Determining community-based mitigation solutions for long-term wildland fire/flood risks. Collaborator: Prof. Robert Freitag, UW College of Built Environments. Washington Forest Resiliency Burning Pilot: Fuel Characterization, Tree Mortality Assessment and Air Quality

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Visiting scientist and sabbatical scholars

The lab has hosted several visiting scientists and post-doctorate fellows on short research visits or year-long sabbaticals either through the University of Washington or the USFS Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory. Dr. Guenther Carlos Krieger Filho:

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Current News

Wildfire News Unleashing the Husky Experience through UW’s new philanthropic campaign Americas Ring of Fire Wildfires spark where growth is sprawling The 10 most expensive wildfires in the West’s history Alaska’s emergency wildfire crews

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Our lab is composed of 4 Ph.D. students, 4 Master’s students, 3 postdocs, and a […]

Past Graduate Students: Research by past graduate students had covered a wide range of geographic […]

The lab has hosted several visiting scientists and post-doctorate fellows on short research visits or year-long […]

Who we are

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

Dr. Ernesto Alvarado, Research Associate Professor


The Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory, at the University of Washington, focuses on solutions for wildland fire and health problems created by the policies derived from more than a century of fire exclusion, a growing wildland-urban interface, and climate change.   

Our lab collaborates and conducts research with  land managers from USFSPWFSL, DOD, WA DNR, WA State Parks, and various tribes within the United States, Mexico, and South America.  We mainly focus on – fire behavior, combustion science, biomass assessments, fire ecology, fire management, prescribed fires, fire-climate change interactions, landscape ecology, emissions of greenhouse gases, fire policy, and traditional fire knowledge used by indigenous communities.


SEFS 535. Fire Ecology. Fall Quarter

ESRM420. Wildland Fire Management. Spring Quarter

SEFS 550B. Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Fire Use. Spring Quarter

SEFS 521. Field Trip to the Yakama Nation. Fall Quarter

SEFS 521D. Forest Stand Dynamics and Disturbances. Winter Quarter