Q Center

February 3, 2012

10 Ways to Procrastinate Post Snowpocalypse

1. Think about vaginas
2. Check out Trans* Conferences!
3. Go stickering.
4. Get your friends together and plan to hit up some awesome local events coming up this month:
“Broken Bodies, PBP” & “Under 1 Nation: Zulu & Krip-Hop”
Sex Fair at UW 2012
ASUW’s 11th Annual “Vagina Monologues”
Annual ASUW Drag Show
5. Listen to a Gendercast podcast.
6. Do a photoshoot and send your pics to marilyn@fatso.com to stand, roll, and tumble against weight bullying.
7. Say the darndest things.
8. Sign up for a Bent class!
9. Deconstruct gender at gender discussion at the Q Center Tuesdays from 3pm-4pm!
10. Listen to Coyote Grace!