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February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a heteronormative, classist, and capitalist excuse to normalize the pressure to be in monogamous relationships and spend money on pointless, and often tasteless, objects. SH

February 11, 2011

the smallest minority

True story: Waiting for the bus one morning, I overheard a mama talking to her 5 year old daughter: “There are so many different kinds of people in the world, right baby?” Chewing a mouthful of cold smore poptarts, she nods. “There are big people, there are little people, there are mama people, and daddy…

February 10, 2011

Spokane MLK march attempted bombing

On Martin Luther King Jr. day in Spokane, the annual MLK unity parade had to be rerouted because of a suspicious backpack that three city workers found on a bench on the corner of Washington and Main. The three workers reported it to the police, and when the police investigated it turned out to contain…

February 7, 2011

Queering Black History Month

It is Black History Month…otherwise known as American History Month (reclaimed). For all of us white folks who ask the question, “why do [insert name of group here] get a month when we do not get a month?” I simply answer, “we have had 6228 months.” It has been my 40 years of experience that the…

February 4, 2011

Awesome Black History Month Post Coming…

Just what the title said…look for a great post on Black History Month on Monday! We aim to please…you may learn, laugh, cry, and certainly celebrate! We predict you will be singing along!

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