Q Center

Husky Union Building–Room 315

Q Center DoorQ Center from Hallway

Hallway Outside the Q Center

Lounge Space Outside Q CenterRight outside the Q Center windows you’ll find postings with information on resources for lgbtq communities, upcoming events and programs. Feel free to come on in the center, browse outside the door, or just hang out/study in the chairs outside our space on the HUB’s third floor.





Resource Table

Q Center Resource Table

Once you enter the door, to the left, against the main spaces’ windows you will find a table filled with resources. Please take any pamphlets or information that you would like. If we don’t have the resources you are looking for, just ask one of our staff members and we can hopefully direct you to the resources or information that you require. If you are affiliated with a community or campus resource, please feel free to drop off pamphlets or information.




The Marsha P. Johnson Memorial Lending Library

Marsha P. Johnson Memorial Library Picture

Enter the Q Center, go to the left, and find our fabulous Lending Library–a collection of over 900 books, films, magazines, and other media. The library is made up of materials relating to lgbtq topics and characters, both fictional and non-fictional. You can drop by to peruse through the collection, hangout and read for a bit, or if you prefer you can check out the items for two weeks at a time (renewals available). To check something out, talk to whoever is sitting at the staff desk.

The Q Center Staff Desk

Q Center Front DeskWhen you enter the Q Center direct your attention to the right and you will find our main staff desk. Q Staff sitting at this desk are ready to help you with whatever question or concern you might have. You’re welcome to come by and chat with us about whatever you want.

We try to do our best to make the Q Center an open, welcoming space for everyone. If the person at the staff desk isn’t able to help you, they can refer you to someone who may. Finally, don’t worry about signing in or anything like that – you can also just come by and look/hang around and we won’t bother you.

The Living Room

The Q Center Living Room The Living Room

In the living room, our main space we have a couple couches, tables where you’re welcome to come hang out, nap, eat lunch, read, study, or whatever. There’s usually plenty of snacks to munch on and the lounge area is filled with pamphlets, artwork, and exhibits you can browse through. Also, if you’re part of a student group looking for meeting space, the Q Center main space is available for reservations–contact us if you’re interested.

Computers and Printing

Q Center Computers Q Center Printer

We have two Windows PCs with Microsoft Word and Excel available for you to check your e-mail, go on Facebook, work on assignments, or whatever. Feel free to come in and use them for anything you need. If you’re in a bind and you need to print something out, we have a printer available, though please try to be respectful of our limited resources.

Free Condoms 

Just inside the Q Center, on a table to the right, sits the “pleasure chest.” Please feel free to come in and grab a condom (or two or five…). Just wear it.

Pleasure Chest-1Pleasure Chest Open

Q Center Campagne Room

Conference Room

The Q Center conference room – sometimes called the “Champagne Room” -is located right off the main space. It is often available as a quiet place to study, relax or talk. If you need a safe space to have a private conversation, let one of the Q Center staff know and this room can be made available for you. Additionally, the conference room is available for student groups who would like to use it for meetings or events – if you’re interested, please let us know.




Q Center Kitchenette

In the back right corner of the living room you will find our kitchenette. We have a small refrigerator, a microwave, as well as some plates, cups, utensils, and napkins. We also have a coffee maker, some assorted teas and sweeteners. Feel free to use the fridge, microwave and supplies as you need to–but, please, clean up after any messes and throw away trash and leftovers as appropriate.





Q Center Shared OfficeThe Shared Office

The shared office is a meeting and work space for the some of the Q Center staff. It can also be a quite place to have a conversation or do some work.


Director’s Office

Jen in OfficePic of Jen SelfThe right corner of the Q Center houses the office of the Q Center Director, Jen Self. She has a PhD and Masters in Social Work and is a licensed counselor. She directs the Q Center’s staff, programs, and activities. She is also available to talk with anyone from the UW community who is facing difficulties or questions related to their sexuality and identity. If you’d like to talk with Jen, it’s best to e-mail ahead of time and set up an appointment.

 Universal Bathroom

Down the hall from the Q Center, right next to HUB room 337, there are Universal Bathrooms (A.K.A. Gender-neutral bathrooms)!

Hallway outside Q CenterUniversal Bathroom