Q Center

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Qmmunity Quarterly (Q2) Newsletter

…is our quarterly-released newsletter highlighting achievements, celebrations, and news relating to the Q Center! This newsletter is released by the Division of Student Life, which the Q Center is a part of.

Dear Queer

….is an anonymous advice blog here to help those who have questions – mostly in regard to queerness, social identities, resources, etc. – they need answered who may not feel comfortable addressing it in a physical encounter space. Know that our bloggers are not professionals nor the end-all-be-all voice on topics of queerness in any way, shape, or form, they’re just a queer kid who wants to help in any way they can.

Q Blog

…is our general student blog where we hope to interact with our communities and provide educational materials for site viewers by entertaining questions, discussing news, and sharing stories. Readers are able to comment on blog entries, send staff emails (if provided), and “contact us.” Please keep in mind that though this is a virtual space, we intend it to be a liberatory space.