Q Center

Campus Climate Survey

Hello UW Queer, Trans*, LGBTQ Community members!

We want your feedback! Please take the time to fill out this anonymous survey so that we can assess our campus climate and continue to improve The Q and its efforts at the University of Washington and Seattle.

Your honest answers and direct feedback is appreciated. All data will be analyzed and reported in an aggregate manner (no identifying information & anonymously reported). NOTE: No question requires an answer. You are always at choice as to whether you record an answer to any given question, including those in the demographic section.

Some of the questions on this survey were adapted from the Policy Institute of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Campus Climate Survey work. We used this measure in order to map data from our campus onto national data. However, we have redesigned some of the questions in order to allow for more independent choice and capture the breadth and depth of our communities’ experiences.

Some of your short answers may be used as quotes in reports and other Q Center documents. However, if your narratives contain any identifying information, we will refrain from using any information that could identify you to others.

This survey will likely take 15-20 minutes to complete. We greatly appreciate your willingness and interest in participating!

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