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Volunteer Program

The Q Center Volunteer program is resource for UW students, faculty, staff and alumni interested in getting involved with various communities through the Q Center, including but not limited to Queer 101, Safe Zone, Q Center/Ethnic Cultural Center advocate, Q Center’s Creative team, starting your own group to meet at the Q Center, or helping out at Q center events. If you are interested in this fill out the form below.

This document is only viewed by our Q Center Volunteer Program Coordinator and details will not be used for purposes outside of the Volunteer Program.

The Q Center Volunteer program is intended to offer UW students, staff, faculty, and alumni an opportunity to work alongside the Q Center staff.

Volunteer Application

Queer 101
Safe Zone
Student Groups
Queer Student Commission (ASUW)
Creative Team
Queer Mentoring Program
I want to start a group that meets in the Q Center
I only want to be a volunteer at Q Center events

Less than 1 hours a week
1 hour a week
2 hours a week
3 hours a week
4 hours a week
More than 4 hours a week