Q Center


Jen Self, PhD MSW:

Director, Jen Self’s secret identity is that of renaissance queer with a kick ass jump shot. A therapist and anti-oppression educator since 1996, Jen re-invented her queer activism through scholarship, program leadership, and teaching at the university of washington, completing an msw and a phd in social welfare. she j selfj selflives in west seattle with her awesome partner meg (growandresist) and equally fabulous daughter lucy. jen believes that audre lorde, cornell west, martin luther king jr., andrea smith, patricia hill collins, cathy cohen, ramona beltran, and john denver (yes seriously) knew/know that social and economic justice was/is rooted in resistance of domination and a love ethic. jen, moment to moment, works to align her life with those principles and grounds the q center in a similar praxis. jen has an active mind and aspires to visionary thinking, so she easily loses herself in big thoughts and feelings; she thinks that we should all look at pictures of space more often to contextualize our existence. jen believes that love and light are not only the center of the universe but also the core concepts of sociopolitical justice, not to mention a winning combination for the Q Center. For self’s scholarly work see: Queering Queer Space. self is affiliate faculty at the uw school of social work and affiliate faculty for the sexuality and queer studies graduate certificate program.

self’s cv

Jaimée Marsh, MSW

(she/her pronouns)
Assistant Director

Jaimee Marsh Jaimée is a proud husky (social work, class of ’09) from Spokane, WA.  Among other identities, she is a queer multiracial woman who celebrates the ambiguity and fluidity of her identities.  She is an activist, an educator, and a scholar, and has used these talents to organize with queer people of color, youth, and first-generation college students for 10 years.  Jaimée earned a masters in social work from the University of Michigan where she specialized in community development, educational policy, and evaluation. after working in multi-ethnic student affairs for 2.5 years, Jaimée is honored to be back at the q center where she worked as a programmer in undergrad!  Jaimée gets excited about cultivating a space for people to be and to grow, building relationships and partnerships, and doing programs!  Outside of work, Jaimée loves to travel and considers herself a chef (based on watching a lot of Food Network) and a food critic (based on her 2 reviews on Yelp).  She is available for advising, social support, programming consultation, etc.

Cat Cunningham & Maxcat&max

Cat (they/she) has a masters in social work from UW (’13) and is forever a student of life. Cat believes in harm reduction, self-determination, and magic.  Cat swims in Lake Washington year round and works in community with Resource Generation, Jewish Voice for Peace Seattle, and QuAIA Seattle.

Max (all pronouns) is Cat’s companion and is always searching for new friends and new snacks.  Max works at the Q Center Tuesdays2pm-4pm and is also available by appointment.  Contact Cat at cunnic@uw.edu to schedule a time to take Max out for a walk or game of fetch, with or without Cat!

Lor Anderson Picture

Lor Anderson

Lor (they/he) has been embracing the role of a forever student of life for many years. He brings those learning experiences into whatever his is doing, whether it is talking with friends and colleagues, studying in school, working with people or riding a shopping cart through the parking lot to his car. He still thinks eventually he will win over the world with authenticity, compassion, love, kindness and with a bit of craziness.

Lor’s outside interests are gardening, wine making and responsible drinking of said wine, rockhounding, spending time with the important people in his life, exploring the world we live in, and nurturing his inner kid. Although Lor considers himself to be the Labrador of people (Labs love everybody and everybody loves Labs) he understands that some folks won’t and that is OK.

Student Staff Bios: 

(Mentoring Program Coordinator)picture of Alexis

Alexis is a second year graduate student working toward a concurrent Masters in Public Administration and Law degree, and is running the Q Center’s advising program. She received a B.A. in political science from Cal Poly, SLO in June 2013. She hopes to work as an attorney working to make the law work for people, that is, working with traditionally underserved populations get access to justice as well as teaching them how to make it work to their advantage.


(Education Coordinator)

Alix is a junior in the chemistry department, working towards a bachelor of science degree and medical school. Through the Q Center, she facilitates Queer 101 every quarter and coordinates the Safer Zone training program. Her hobbies include playing trumpet in the Husky Marching Band, creating LGBTQ headcanons for superheroes, and being a fake gamer girl. If you come in to the Q Center, feel free to chat with her about anything – she’s always down for small talk, a fun conversation, or critical analysis of social norms.

“If the prospect of living in a world where trying to respect the basic rights of those around you and valuing each other simply because we exist are such daunting, impossible tasks…what sort of world are we left with? And what sort of world do you want to live in?” – Wonder Woman


EricDSCN0462 (1)
(Graduate Student Assistant)

Eric, a Montana native, studies public administration and is the Q Center’s Graduate Assistant. In his free time, he’s often found running, hiking, dancing, playing board games, knocking a soccer ball around, and trying to recruit people to play laser tag. He also has mad Mario Kart skills, so swing by the Q Center and challenge him to Nintendo 64 battle!



cecille del rosario

(Webmaster, Graphic Designer)

“Courage is the magic to make dreams into reality” -Emil Castagnier (Tales of Symphonia- Dawn of the New World)

Cecille is a Japanese Linguistics major who loves art and tinkering with code. They work with Anak Bayan, a comprehensive, national democratic mass organization of the Filipino youth. They also like romantic strolls to the fridge, playing with their baby nephew and puppy Muymuy. They also love playing taiko with their group Taiko Kai at the University of Washington every  weekend at the ECC. Ka-DON!



Mal Nair is the Q-Center librarian this year! They are passionate about building community through literature and used to play pretend-librarian as a kid, so this is basically a dream job. They are a second-year at UW, planning on majoring in something math-related and are very good at hugging and eating copious amounts of rice. They are involved in facilitating Advo-QT’s, QPOCA, Queer 101, Q Ink and Q Book Club this year. They can often be seen loudly complaining (lovingly) about their coworkers Monday through Friday 10-6. They would also love to take book requests for new additions to the library as well as talk about anything that the denizens of the Q-Center would like to discuss.


natalie yocum Natalie
(Queer People of Color Advocate)

If you stop by the Q Center and see someone dancing or rapping with cool colored hair, that’s probably Natalie. Natalie uses their rad time management skills to juggle Advo-QTs, Young Democrats, Queer People of Color Alliance, Peer Health Educators, on top of classes, research, and working as the QPOC Advocate for the Q Center at the University of Washington. They are majoring in Psychology with a minor in GWSS and Dance. When they find the time, they like kicking it with friends, slamming poetry, practicing aerial silks, listening to Beyoncé, hiking, climbing trees, and going on impromptu adventures. If you want them to love you forever, offer them cat cuddles and terrible puns.

Tinotino fuentes
(Outreach Coordinator)

Tino is a junior majoring in Sociology. Aside from working at the Q Center they are also the president of Delta Lambda Phi – a fraternity for gay, bi, trans, and progressive men on campus. Tino is also a drag queen that goes by the name “Angela Visalia” and performs around Seattle and in other areas, including at multiple UW drag events. Tino’s other interests include television, pop culture, social justice, makeup, and overthrowing capitalism but in a cute way. Come to the Q Center and they’ll be down to hang out and have conversations about anything!


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