Q Center

October 19, 2011

Creating Community Engagement Committee for the Q Center

With five students, I am leading the University of Washington Q Center’s effort create a “Community Engagement Committee” (CEC) of Puget Sound citizens, organizational and student constituencies’ representatives. The committee’s purpose is to help community members engage, support, and invest in Q Center student constituencies’ goals. At its best, the committee can strategically unify the energies and resources from Seattle-area communities to serve the Q Center.

Potentially, the committee can help build a more resourceful and strategic UW Q Center. The committee’s goal is to create coherent student messages to the Seattle community welcoming their input and resources. The committee to work with community members to determine ways to invest financial and human resources to advance all our programs’ agendas.

Leoule’s role at the Q Center as a Research Assistant:

At the University of Washington, I work to create new learning communities. In teams, we develop strategies for new partnerships by merging organizational agendas. These teams implement ideas to promote student learning opportunities.

I use University of Washington’s social capital and networks to mobilize resources and create learning communities that merge students’ interests with organizational goals.

My work hopes to improve the quality of students’ relationship with the university and Puget Sound organizations.