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March 13, 2014

Femininity and Genderqueerness

Hi there! I was a born female who now identifies as genderqueer, and I dress very feminine. However, when I tell people I’m genderqueer, they tell me I’m just using the title to “fit in” and that I’m “just a chick”. I do feel 100% genderqueer, and completely identify myself as so, but I feel this pressure that I must look 100% androgynous in order to fit my gender role, and that if I don’t, people will continuously misgender me and I’ll never be “accepted” as genderqueer. I really don’t know what to do? I don’t want to conform to other people’s standards of what my gender should look like, but I feel as if I never will be completely genderqueer if I don’t. I was thinking of taking testosterone to feel more at ease in physical terms of being genderqueer, but I’m not entirely sure. What should I do?

Anyone who tells you that is seriously such an asshole. I tried to think of a better way to say this but nah, nothing works as well as asshole. First and foremost, nobody IDs as trans to “fit in”. That is an incredibly ridiculous, harmful claim and the people who hide behind that logic in order to invalidate the way people identify and express themselves are just being obstinate. To ID as trans to “fit in” would imply that being trans is in any way a norm, that it is in any way accepted, that it is in any way a cultural standard. It’s not. You know it’s not, I know it’s not, and no matter how much visibility trans people get in certain circles, that does not change on any larger scale. A friend of mine said this like three years ago and I’ll never forget it: “Pretending you’re a gender you’re not isn’t fun. That’s why people come out as trans in the first place.” So just. The people who tell you otherwise are wrong. And assholes.

This relates back to my last response in a really big way. You are completely genderqueer by the merit of you identifying yourself as such. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you put some thought into using that word. You know it feels right, you know it is right. You are genderqueer. Nothing can change that except you and how you move forward, and that’s not to say it will change. “Presenting” as androgyny is complicated and fallible and has very privileged roots. Androgyny as we conceive it as a society is incredibly male-biased. Embrace a feminine aesthetic, force people to stop identifying masculinity as the default, because honestly that’s a bit tired, yeah?

Do you want to take testosterone for yourself? Not for others, for you? Do you think that the results of testosterone would satisfy you on your own terms? Because that’s An Ordeal. Not permanent, but expensive and stressful, and if you’re doing it for anyone besides yourself, I don’t think it will make you feel any better. You shouldn’t need to conform to a gender binary in order to exist outside of it, that… doesn’t make sense. You need to use what you’re presented with to your advantage, and if you like dressing feminine I would say you’ve found it. Assholes, seriously. Don’t listen to them. I know that’s easier said than done, and misgendering isn’t a thing that’s going to stop happening for as long as we live in a transphobic, cissexist culture, but you do you. You’re so much stronger than they want you to be.

Good luck to everything! I’m here if you need me.