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Since opening in 2004, the Q Center consistently advocates for increasing UW’s number of gender-neutral, parent friendly, and physically accessible bathrooms on our Seattle campus. We worked intensively with a very receptive University of Washington administration in order to develop a comprehensive and sustainable plan to increase our numbers of accessible bathroom facilities.  In the spring of 2011, the Q Center and the Office of Student Life, secured capital financing through the Office of Planning and Budget to start a bathroom renovations project at the center of UW’s Seattle campus. This renovation project assures that there will be a gender-neutral, accessible bathroom in almost every building within centralized campus.

Find the nearest gender neutral bathroom to you here.

Or peruse the list below of current* gender neutral bathrooms on campus:

Aerospace Engineering Research Building (AERB) Basement, single stall with lock; 1st floor, single stall w/lock, labeled women’s; 2nd floor, unisex single stall w/lock, wheelchair accessible; 3rd floor, single stall w/lock, labeled women’s; 4th floor, single stall w/lock, labeled women’s
Anderson Hall (AND) 2nd floor, single stall, labeled “Private Faculty/Staff Bathroom”
Architecture Hall (ARC) 2nd floor, 1 stall, wheelchair accessible
Art Building (ART) 1st floor, Room 111; Basement, one near Stair #4 and one near Room 9
Benson Hall (BNS) 3rd floor rest area, 2 single stalls
Brooklyn Building 1st floor, Room 129, unisex restroom
Burke Museum Main exhibit floor, unisex restroom
Communications Building (CMU) Basement, 1 urinal and 1 stall
Cunningham Hall 1st floor, Rooms 102 and 201, accessible unisex restrooms
Denny Hall (DEN) gender neutral bathroom
Eagleson Hall (EGL) Gendered bathrooms that could be converted to gender neutral; 1st floor, Room 168, single stall, labeled women’s; 3rd floor, Room 309, single stall, labeled women’s
Engineering Library 3rd floor, unisex bathroom
eScience Studio – WRF Data Science Studio 6th floor, 2 single stall unisex bathrooms with locks
Fishery Science Building (FSH) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors; 2 single stalls on each
Foege Hall Foege N402
Gould Hall (GLD) Basement, single occupancy with changing station
Gowen Hall (GWN) 2nd floor, single stall
Guthrie Hall (GTH) Basement floor, single stall
Hall Health Ground floor, 1st floor; 2 single occupancy gender neutral bathrooms on each; A-wing, rooms A312 and A313; B-Wing, rooms B136; D-wing, room D048; F-wing, rooms F044, F668, and F669; G-wing, rooms G162 and G164; I-wing, rooms I303 and I403; RR-wing, room RR113; T-wing, rooms T200G, T266, T268, T336, T749, and T751
Health Sciences Building (HSB) 2nd floor, T-wing, 3 single occupancy rooms with locks
Hughes Penthouse Theatre (HPT) 20H (off lobby), unisex restroom
Husky Union Building (HUB) 3rd floor, single stall, wheelchair accessible
Hutchinson Hall (HUT) 2nd floor, 2 gender neutral bathrooms
Isaacson Hall (ISA) 2 single stalls, not wheelchair accessible
Mackenzie Hall (MKZ) Room 340, 1 stall and 1 urinal with lock on door
McCarty Hall 1st floor, lobby area, unisex bathroom
Meany Hall East end of dance studio hall by water fountain, 2 unisex restrooms (one single occupancy, one public with two stalls)
Mechanical Engineering Building (MEB) Faculty gender neutral restroom
Mercer Hall 1st floor of both east and west buildings, accessible unisex restrooms
Ocean Sciences Building (OCN) 2nd floor, single stall with lock, wheelchair accessible, labeled gender neutral
Oceanography Building (OCE) 1st floor, single stall, wheelchair accessible; 3rd floor, 2 stalls
Ocean Teaching Building (OTB) 1st floor, single stall, labeled women’s; Basement, 2 single stalls, labeled male and female, wheelchair accessible
Parrington Hall (PAR) 3rd floor, single stall, additional single stall labeled as women’s; Basement, single stall (Evans School students only)
Plant Laboratory (PLT) 1st floor, accessible unisex restroom
Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors; 1 single stall on each
Savery Hall (SAV) 2nd floor Mezzanine, single stall; 3rd floor Mezzanine, single stall
School of Social Work (SSW) 2nd floor, 2 stalls
Suzallo Library Ground floor, G-050D
William H. Gates Hall (LAW) single stall, open til 5pm; multi-stall gender neutral bathroom
Wilson Annex (WLA) 1st floor, unisex restroom

* This is a working list, last updated February 6, 2019. Email qcenter@uw.edu with any updates.



The Ave Project

Picture of University Avenue. Photo Credit: Depue, Earl B. (1917). Apart of UW Digital Collections

Photo Credit: Depue, Earl B. (1917). A part of UW Digital Collections

The Q Center, with assistance from community advocates, is putting together a list of public bathrooms on the Ave and surrounding area. The main goals of this project are to identify gender-neutral bathrooms so that this information can be passed on to UW students, faculty, staff and visitors and to identify gender-segregated single-stall bathrooms in order to press those establishments to remove gendered signage.

If you have a moment, please add a few locations to this Google Doc! Thanks!