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Femme Space

Femspace, a subgroup of UW’s Campus Coalition for Sexual Literacy, is held every week discussing all matters of Female Sexuality.
Each weekly meeting will concern a different topic, supplemented by group discussions and activities.
For any and all open-minded female and/or female-identified persons, Femspace offers a safe place for questions, ideas and support in some fun and hopefully enlightening sex talks.
We would love for any and all to join us!

Campus Coalition for Sexual LiteracyCampus Coalition for Sexual Literacy
The CCSL is a nationwide campus student group that promotes vibrant, visible groups of faculty, students and community. The goals of UW’s CCSL chapter is to bring together students, professors, researchers and advocates in order to advance sexual literacy, improve sexuality education, promote training and research in sexuality across disciplines and fields, and to inform policy and practices that promote sexual health and well-being throughout the life span.

Ace Space
Ace Space is a safe space for asexuals and allies to meet and hang out. Anything from board games to movies to long discussions over romantic and sexual orientations while eating cake may ensue. We also aim to raise awareness of asexuality around UW and Seattle.

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