Q Center

October 25, 2013

Q-mmunity Building!

Join us in the Q Center Thursdays this fall for Q-mmunity Building!
We’ll be having weekly events to build community, make friends, de-stress, and be super queer together!

Queer Clue | Thursday, November 7, 4-5pm
Like original Clue, but full of cutie QTs! Now with 100% less violence.

Queereoke | Thursday, November 14, 4-5pm
Like karaoke, but hella queer!

Twister | Thursday, November 21, 4-5pm
Play a consent-focused game of Twister!

Accessibility information:
– The HUB is wheelchair accessible through the west main entrance on the first floor. Once you enter, the elevators are on the right.
– Please refrain from using scented products such as perfume, cologne, and essential oils. The Q Center is scent-free in order to keep the space accessible for folks who are chemically injured and/or have MCS.