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Drag Queen Performers’ Attitudes and Experiences Survey This online research survey will ask questions about attitudes and experiences you may have had as a drag queen performer, psychological health, academics, and information about your background. We invite you to participate in this survey in order to help better understand the lives of drag queen performers!
Perceptions of Safety & LGBTQ Recreation on Public Lands The goal of this research is to begin to substantiate whether recreation and visitation on and mutual investment in public lands by LGBTQ-identifying people is reduced by personal and/or collective perceptions of (un)safety on or in proximity to these particular landscapes.

Disability and Access

Usability Study What are your thoughts on sound awareness technologies? Our research team at UW wants to learn about designing future technologies for sound awareness. If you identify as d/Deaf or hard of hearing, please share your opinions about by filling out our survey and you’ll also be entered in a drawing for a $50 e-gift card!
If you have any questions, please feel free to email Bonnie Chinh bchinh@uw.edu or Leah Findlater leahkf@uw.edu.
Social experiences of deaf/Deaf or hard of hearing people in social interactions For deaf/Deaf and hard of hearing people who are in regular contact with hearing people, have had hearing impairments before the age of three, and live in the United States and Canada.
Informatics Video Project Our goal is to better understand how people with visual impairment watch online videos, especially those in foreign language. Upon interviews and further research, we hope to create a product / service to help improve their experience of watching online videos in foreign language. If you are interested, please contact Soojin at minsa110@uw.edu.

Trans Issues

Trans Research Survey This research’s goal is to find out what resources universities offer for transgender students on college campuses. The Feminist Majority Foundation’s survey to measure these resources is 10 questions long and includes questions about trans*-specific programming at the university and trans-supportive health care through the university.
Health Promotion and Behavior This research study is on transgender and gender non-conforming students’ experiences in healthcare through universities across the country. These results will be used to better care opportunities for transgender individuals and improve patient outcomes. Participation corresponds to the give away of $50 Amazon gift cards.


Tobacco-Related Health Disparities Research Group This project’s aim is to develop a web-based smoking cessation program for young adults (ages 18-30) who identify as LGBTQ+. They follow a user-centered design process, meaning that we involve the people who they hope would eventually use the program very early on to get their ideas about what would be useful and also to get reactions to our ideas about program content and appearance. If they’re eligible, what they’d be doing is coming to Fred Hutch for ~1 hour and meeting with our user experience researcher to give feedback about the program. They offer $50 to thank you for your time.
Health Benefits of Social Support for Victims of Hate Speech Researchers at the University of Washington are conducting a study on the health benefits of social support for victims of hate speech. If you are an adult (18 or older) within the LGBQ community who (a) has experienced hate speech within the past year that was targeted at your sexual orientation, (b) found the experience to be painful, and (c) have a friend, family member, or romantic partner who is willing to join you for a lab visitation to participate in a 10-minute discussion, you are eligible to participate in this study. You will be given $20 for participating in this study.
Family Violence and Trauma Research We would like to know how common both guardian-child and sibling violence are and whether some violent behaviors are more common than others, particularly for LGBTQIA individuals. Is this a study that you would be willing to promote on your website or via an email to your members? This is what survey participants can expect: (1) Participants should be willing to share their experiences via an anonymous, online survey. The survey may take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. (2) Participant confidentiality will be protected throughout the research process. Participant names will not be collected. All data will be protected in a locked cabinet in a locked private office, or will be stored in a secure-encrypted computer.


If you’d like your research opportunity listed on this page, please email qcenter@uw.edu