the “c word”

Mary B is a queer ninja, writer, volgger extraordinaire. She has been a queer idol and a virtual support for me during my early self-realization process. Her eloquence and down to earth humor has attracted over 8,000 subscribers with almost 100 video posts. She steals hearts (i still haven’t gotten mine back), gives advice, shares stories, answers questions, asks questions, make you wonder, and makes you laugh. If you haven’t checked her out yet, you are really missing out!

This past year she brought up the “c word”. Her friend Chazzy was diagnosed with brain cancer. It has been beautiful to watch Mary become an “ally” for Chazzy and contribute so much to her recovery process. A signature aspect of this has been the Chazzy bands that have made their way to the farthest corner to the world. They are available upon request, with a suggested donation of $5.

Here are the details:
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Want a CHAZZY BAND?? Tell her to get well and say hi to Mary!
Send to:
Mary B.
4781 Felton St.
San Diego, CA 92116

Don’t forget your return address!!! Suggested donation is $5. All donations go to Chazzy’s treatment. Help beat brain cancer. Together we can! Think SHRINK!!

2 thoughts on “the “c word”

  1. Dear author,

    I am writing to inquire of the qualification of Mary B’s queer ninjaness. What allows you to make such a grande statement? Does this role require certification or simply some bullshit title of self importance bequeathed to fellow lesbians by some god-like being?
    I am eager to learn of such a title for I am enthralled to become a queer ninja myself. I am already of the homosexual variety, so that qualification has been met.
    But alas, I am overwhelmed with the need to know: how does one become a ninja?

    (not to be confused with marijuana)

    • Dear Claire,
      You are already a feisty queer ninja! Mary B says, “think. live. be you. love mercilessly. mean it.” In her philosophical voice, Mary b reminds us (between the lines) that this is what it means to be a ninja. Another big thing that levels her up on the ninja scale is 1) how down-right cute she is, 2) how so much of what she does is dedicated to helping others, and 3) how artfully she communicates. I know you and Mary share all of these things, thus- Claire is a queertastic ninja.

      I also encourage you to watch the following videos in order to unlock the mysteries of queer ninja-ness:


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