Q Center

November 5, 2011

We Need Queer Youth Space

You might have heard, but queer youth from around the Seattle area have been organizing to create something new. Last year, queer young people came together around a three hour “Queer Youth Mutiny” to debate and construct a new vision for serving all queer youth. A new and innovative model was crafted by young people to center the experiences of youth. No longer would non-profits merely serve young people, but adults and young people would be partners, collaborators, and social change mentors to young people, and vice versa.

We decided to form a new non-profit, and we brought together young people and adult supporters to come together to work with other young people for personal wellness. We have designed a new way to challenge the frustrating symptoms of oppression and heteronormativity that young people face (THREE WINGS) and we have based young people as the leaders and the visionaries of a physical location. Thus, now as we are getting closer and closer to opening our location, and as our leasing negotiations continue, we need your help.

If you are interested in helping out the queer youth community, either as adults or as young people, see “Get Involved” Give this movement a hand with your skills and your ideas that you hold true.

warmly, kyle r (q center staff + qys rep)


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