Q Center

January 24, 2011

Welcome & Blog Info

Welcome to the Q Blog! We hope it is helpful, encouraging, and enlightening. Through this blog we hope to interact with our communities and provide educational materials for site viewers by entertaining questions, discussing news, and sharing stories. Viewers are able to comment on blog entries, send staff emails (if provided), and “contact us.” Please keep in mind that though this is a virtual space, we intend it to be a liberatory space.

To that end hateful exchanges will be eliminated from the blog. No hate speech. At all. Ever. Comments will be deleted and depending on our follow-up with the involved parties could result in the party(ies) being reported and/or blocked. Please mindfully and respectfully engage with this space and other site users. Remember: this site is a resource, grounded in liberatory/social justice values. This site is meant for anyone who needs it and this requires us to be responsible to ourselves and others.

If you would like for us to publish a blog post on our Student Blog, please fill out this form.

Enjoy the site! If you have any comments, questions, or concerns send us a message via the “contact us” tab above. :)

Also, if you want to leave a comment, you are asked for your name and email address. You can make up a name and put in any email address you want, it does not have to be a UW address.