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updated: 10/04/2013

Welcome to the University of Washington trapped ion quantum computing group page! We work on experimental implementation of quantum computation and quantum communication using single trapped ions and single photons, and the hybrid atom-photon entangled state. Apart from the quantum information applications, we are also interested in testing the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics.

We are a part of the atomic physics group at the UW.



5/7/13Tom gets the UW Physics Departmetn Miller Award, and Matt scores the Mentoring award! Congrats!!!

5/15/12 Carolyn receives the UW Physics Miller Award!

10/04/13"Ion-Photon Entanglement and Bell Inequality Violation with 138Ba+," Carolyn Auchter, Chen-Kuan Chou, Thomas W. Noel and Boris B. Blinov (arXiv:1310.0028).


8/28/13"Radio-frequency-spectroscopy measurement of the Lande gJ factor of the 5D5/2 state of Ba+ with a single trapped ion," Matthew R. Hoffman, Thomas W. Noel, Carolyn Auchter, Anupriya Jayakumar, Spencer R. Williams, Boris B. Blinov, and E. N. Fortson, Phys. Rev. A 88, 025401 (2013).

4/16/10 2-d crystal of Ba ions in the "tack" trap. Got frustration?

7/2/13"Method for measuring the 6S1/2<-> 5D3/2 magnetic-dipole-transition moment in Ba+,"
Spencer R. Williams, Anupriya Jayakumar, Matthew R. Hoffman, Boris B. Blinov, and E. N. Fortson, Phys. Rev. A 88, 012515 (2013)



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