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updated: 4/9/2017

Welcome to the University of Washington trapped ion quantum computing group page! We work on experimental implementation of quantum computation and quantum communication using single trapped ions and single photons, and the hybrid atom-photon entangled state. Apart from the quantum information applications, we are also interested in testing the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics.

We are a part of the atomic physics group at the UW.



5/6/14John gets the UW Physics Departmetn Miller Award, and Spencer scores the Weis award! Congrats!!!

 Recent papers

"Upper Bound on the Stongly Forbidden 6S 1/2 <-> 5D 5/2 Magnetic Transition Moment in Ba +," Spencer R. Williams, Amupriya Jayakumar, Matthew R. Hoffman, Spencer R. Williams, Boris B. Blinov and E.N. Fortson, arXiv:1610.04321 (2016).

"Toward Remote Ion-Ion Entanglement with Barium," Thomas W. Noel, Carolyn Auchter, Chen-Kuan Chou and Boris B. Blinov, SPIE Proceedings vol. 9377: Advances in Photonics of Quantum Computing, Memory, and Communication VII (2015).

"Measurement of the Branching Fractions and Lifetime of the 5D 5/2 level of Ba +," Carolyn Auchter, Thomas W. Noel, Matthew R. Hoffman, Spencer R. Williams and Boris B. Blinov, Phys Rev A 90, 060501(R) (2014).







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