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updated: 5/5/2010

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Nathan et al.:  Toward ion-photon entanglement with barium-138 ground state Zeeman levelsAPS DAMOP Meeting 2010
Rick et al.:  Novel Ion Trap for Efficient Fluorescence Collection from Ion QubitsAPS DAMOP Meeting 2010
Tom et al.:  Demonstration of an optical qubit in 137Ba+ ionsAPS DAMOP Meeting 2010
Matt et al.:  Stabilized 2051 nm TmHo:YLF laser and applications in Barium 137APS DAMOP Meeting 2010
Nathan et al.: Generation of Ion-Photon Entangled State with Trapped Barium IonsAPS March Meeting 2010
Rick et al.: Novel Ion Trap for Efficient Fluorescence Collection from Trapped Ion QubitsAPS March Meeting 2010
Rick  et al.: Improving Ion Fluorescence Collection by Integrating High Numerical Aperture Spherical Mirror into Ion TrapFiO/LS 2009
Nathan et al.: High Efficiency Single Photon Collection from Trapped Barium Ions, FiO/LS 2009

Adam  et al.:

Measuring the Nuclear Magnetic Octupole Moment of a Single Trapped
Barium-137 Ion,
DAMOP 2009 (PDF)
Rick  et al.: Trapped Ion Imaging with Integrated Spherical Mirror, DAMOP 2009 (PDF)
Matt et al.: Preparation and Detection of a 137Ba+ Hyperfine Qubit, SQUINT 2009 (PDF)
Matt et al.: Barium Ions for Quantum Computation , 9th International Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas (PDF)
Joanna et al.: Stabilized 1762 nm Laser for Barium Ion Qubit Readout via Adiabatic Passage, DAMOP 2008 (PDF)
Gary et al.: Hyperfne Structure of Trapped 137Ba+ Ions as a Probe of the Nuclear Magnetic Octupole Moment, DAMOP 2008 (PDF)
Nathan et al.: Single ion measurement of the branching ratios of the 6P3/2 decay in BaII, DAMOP 2008 (PDF)
Matt et al.: Preparation and detection of a 137Ba+ hyperfne qubit, DAMOP 2008 (PDF)

Joseph et al.:

Spectroscopic Measurements of Ba+ APS NW 2007   (PDF)


Rick et al.:

Development of a Single-Photon Source Based on Single Trapped  Barium Ions FiO and LS 2007   (PDF) (PPT)


Gary et al.:

Trapped Barium Ions for Quantum Computing, FiO and LS 2007 (PDF)


Nathan et al.:

Ultrafast excitation of ions, DAMOP 2007 (PDF)



 Trapped ion qubit readout via adiabatic passage, UW Undergraduate Research Symposium   2007 (PDF)


Pulse-Picking an ultrafast laser for trapped ion quantum computing, UW Undergraduate Research Symposium 2007 (PDF)


Pulse Programming for Qubit Transitions, UW Undergraduate Research Symposium 2007 (PDF)





Aaron et al.:    

Synchronization of Barium Ion Qubit Controls, SQUINT 2010 (PDF)

Tom et al.:    

Barium Ions for Quantum Computing, SQUINT 2010 (PDF)

Rick et al.:    

Optical Systems for Trapped Ions Fluorescence Collection, SQUINT 2009 (PDF)

Nathan et al.:    

Barium Ions for Quantum Computation, SQUINT 2009 (PDF)

Viki et al.:    

Trapped Barium Ions for Quantum Computation,  CDO Netwoking Day 2008 (PDF)

Aaron et al.:    

Barium Ions as Qubits for Quantum Computation, NASA Space Grant 2008 (PDF)

Rick  et al.:    

BariumTrapped  Barium  Ions  for  Quantum  Computation,  Precision  Measurements  and  Atomic  Clocks , MAPPI08 (PDF)

Matt et al.:    

Barium Ions for Quantum Computation, SQUINT 2008 (PDF)

Ryan & Viki:    

Pulse Programming for Qubit Transitions, CDO Networking Day 2006 (PDF)

Matt et al.:    

Barium Ions for Quantum Computation, SQUINT 2007 (PDF)

Ryan et al.:    

Pulse Programming for Atomic Qubit Transitions of 137Ba+, SQUINT 2007 (PDF)



REU papers


Anya Davis (2009):    

Laser Frequency Stabilization with Optical Cavities (PDF)

Corey Adams (2009):    

Laser Stabilization for Quantum Computing with Trapped Barium ions (PDF)

Tom Chartrand (2008):    

Cooling laser system for quantum computing with barium-137 ions (PDF)


Group Meeting Presentations:



Vacuum Technology (PPT)


Integrated electronic optical switches in future chip ion trap (PPT) 


Bell Inequality (PDF)


Application of Ultrafast Lasers (PDF)