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updated: 4/16/2010

Old News

4/9/10 - 4/11/10 "Spooky" computing display at UW Huskies Weekend in Pacific Science Center.

03/24/10 "Efficient Fluorescence Collection from Trapped Ions with an Integrated Spherical Mirror,"  G. Shu, N. Kurz, M. R. Dietrich and B. B. Blinov, [arXiv:0911.4958] Phys. Rev. A 81, 042321 (2010).

Ba ion now tweets (or does it twitter?)

11th annual SQuInT workshop and IAS2 workshop (February 18 - 22 2009, Seattle, WA).  

9/9/9 Single Ba ions imaged together with the linear trap apparatus. The tiny bright dot in the center of the image is the ion; the dark horizontal lines are the trap electrodes. The spherical mirror is in the background. 

Aaron receives prestigious Mary Gates  Research Scholarship

Peter, Nathan and Aaron give talks at the 11th Annual UW Undergraduate Research Symposium

Aaron receives a 2008 Washington Space Grant Summer Undergraduate Research Program stipend. He is also inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society.


Matt takes first Hans G. Dehmelt Prize
Joanna gets the Higgs-Osborn Prize

/25/2008 Two new papers on

"Precision measurement of the branching ratio in the 6P3/2 decay of BaII with a single trapped ion" [arXiv:0804.4173] (accepted to PRA)


"Nuclear magnetic octupole moment and the hyperfine structure of the 5D3/2,5/2 states of the Ba+ ion" [arXiv:0804.4317] (published in PRA).