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updated: 4/9/2016


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"Ion Photon Entanglement in a Parabolic Mirror Trap", Chen-Kuan Chou, Ph.D. in Physics (2017)

"Toward a Loophole-Free Bell Inequality Violation with Barium Ions", Carolyn Auchter, Ph.D. in Physics (2016)

"New techniques and first results toward measuring the 6S1/2 ↔ 5D3/2 magnetic-dipole
transition moment in Ba+
Spencer Williams, Ph.D. in Physics (2015)

"Mixed species ion chains for scalable quantum computation", John Wright, Ph.D. in Physics (2015)

"Ion-photon entanglement with barium", Thomas Noel, Ph.D. in Physics (2014)

"Observation of the Nuclear Magnetic Octupole Moment in 137Ba+", Matthew Hoffman, Ph.D. in Physics (2014)

"Towards a measurement of the nuclear magnetic octupole moment of barium-137", Adam Kleczewski, Ph.D. in Physics (2011)

"Experiments with remote entanglement using single barium ions", Nathan Kurz, Ph.D. in Physics (2010)

"Novel Ion Traps for Enhanced Fluorescence Collections and
Single Photon Sources Based on Barium Ions", Gang Shu, Ph.D. in Physics (2010)

"Barium Ions for Quantum Computiation", Matthew Dietrich, Ph.D. in Physics (2009)