QERM: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

About QERM

The Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management (QERM) Interdisciplinary Graduate Program offers students a unique opportunity to apply statistics, mathematics, and decision science to a broad range of problems in terrestrial and marine ecology, natural resource management, biometrics, and mathematical biology. The program attracts mathematically trained students interested in working on these problems.

The QERM program is uniquely interdisciplinary, bringing together diverse faculty from a wide range of academic areas such as statistics, applied mathematics, environmental and forest sciences, biology, aquatic and fishery sciences, oceanography, marine and environmental affairs, anthropology, sociology and others. This diversity provides strength to the program.

Both the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are offered, producing graduates who are capable of continuing with the development and extension of biometrical and biomathematical modeling as they enter the educational, research or private sector work force.

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