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QERM Winter Quarter Seminar

The winter quarter session of QERM 597 provides current students to present their research project and develop presentation skills. Examples of past presentations includes:

Ingrid Spies, QERM Doctoral Candidate
A simulation approach to finding dispersal rates incorporating both genetic differentiation and population dynamics: A case study based on Skagerrak coastal cod

Chloe Bracis, QERM Doctoral Candidate
How can cognition influence predator-prey interactions?

Ian Fraser, QERM Graduate Student
Allocating backscatter using a flexible non-parametric Baysian mixture model: Quantifying uncertainty, reducing subjectivity, and illuminating underlying structure in fisheries acoustics survey data.

Cole Monnahan, QERM Graduate Student
Do ship strikes threaten the recovery of endangered eastern North Pacific blue whales?

Aneesh Hariharan, QERM Graduate Student
Industry focused models for management of the Pacific sardine

Melissa Muradian, QERM Graduate Student
Modeling the population dynamics of Prince William Sound herring

Kiva Oken, QERM Graduate Student
Quantifying carbon sequestration in SE Alaska young growth forests

Kelsey Vitense, QERM Graduate Student
Theoretical impacts of habitat fragmentation and generalist predation on predator prey cycles.

Christine Stawitz, QERM Graduate Student
Analyzing groundfish growth dynamics using Bayesian state-space models

Scott Rinnan, QERM Graduate Student
Quantifying sensitivity and exposure to climate change in western North American species

Austin Philips, QERM Graduate Student
How does longitude affect population persistence under climate warming?

Kai Ross, QERM Graduate Student

Optimal harvest schedules with endogenous road maintenance costs.

Brooke Davis, QERM Graduate Student
Using Sockeye Stream Counts to Inform Monitoring and Assess Ecosystem Service Trade-offs

Jim Faulkner, QERM GraduateStudent
Latent-State Models for Inferring Behavioral States from Animal Movement Data

Ingrid Spies
"The genetic effects of fisheries management: a management strategy evaluation for Pacific cod off Alaska."

Cole Monnahan
"Splitting historical blue whale catches using spatial GAMs"

Miranda Fix
"Evaluation of various methods to estimate understory light availability in a low-light environment."

Kristin Broms
"Spatial Statistics for Areal Units"

Chloe Bracis
"Modeling animal movement with memory"

Jeff Rutter
"Modeling Chinook in the ocean and the implications of size-selective culling on assessments of fish growth and mortality."

Ian Fraser
"Automating classification of fisheries acoustics data: Quantifying uncertainty through a non-parametric Bayesian approach"

Aneesh Hariharan
“Management strategies for sardines: A game theoretic approach"

Kiva Oken
"Using aggregate biomass data to understand predation effects on surplus production"

Adam Pope
"Generating multinomial likelihood models for mark-recapture studies using a GUI and R."

Scott Rinnan
"Quantifying Climate Breadth and Exposure in Pacific Northwest Species"

Kelsey Vitense
"Exploring the Damped Cyclic Dynamics of Southern Snowshoe Hares using Reaction-Diffusion Models"

Christine Stawitz
"A meta-analysis of growth dynamics of North Pacific groundfish"

Melissa Muradian
"Which time series are most valuable to modeling population dynamics of Prince William Sound herring?"

Trevor Branch, Assistant Professor
School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
"Overview of Current Research Projects"

Aditya Khanna, Doctoral Candidate
"Bio-Behavioral Models for HIV Prevention."

Chris Gast, Doctoral Candidate
"Evaluation of Fixed- and Random-Effects Models and Multistage Estimation Procedure in Statistical Population Reconstruction."

Motoki Wu
"Meta Analysis Model Testing in Fisheries"

Chloe Bracis
"Incorporating Cognition into Models of Animal Movement and Predator-Prey Interaction"

Kristin Broms, Doctoral Candidate
"Applying Spatial Occupancy Models to Presence-Absence Atlas Data of South African Bird Species."

Gregor Passolt
"Vitality and HIV"

Ingrid Spies, Doctoral Candidate
"Using Population Genetics to Inform Fisheries Management Strategies."

Mandi Fix
"The Perks of Being a Fieldwork Tourist."

Cole Monnahan
"Are West Coast Blue Whales Recovering from Whaling?"


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