QERM: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Program


Admissions Criteria

Applicants should have a background in probability and mathematical statistics, linear algebra, and differential equations. If possible, applicants with little or no statistical background are advised to take additional coursework prior to applying to the program. Although not mandatory, this background will make your application more competitive.

It is assumed that applicants have successfully completed the following coursework (or equivalent) prior to applying to the QERM program:

MATH 126 Calculus with Analytic Geometry III
MATH 308 Matrix Algebra with Applications

Background in the following coursework (or equivalent) is strongly recommended:

MATH 394 & 395 Probability I & II
STAT 341 & 342 Introduction to Probability and Statistics Inference I & II
STAT 394 & 395 Probability I-II(may also be taken Summer Quarter) & II
STAT 481 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

The following information is taken into consideration during the application review process:

  • Minimum grade point average of 3.00 in last 60 semester or last 90 quarter credits. This is a U.W. requirement.
  • Applicants have completed college-level courses in probability and mathematical statistics, linear algebra, and differential equations.
  • Scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Competitive applicants typically score above the 75th percentile on the verbal and analytic sections, and above the 85th percentile in the quantitative section.
  • Minimum TOEFL score of 580 (237 for computer based tests - for international students only).
  • Evidence of knowledge of the intended area of study including clearly written statement of objectives.
  • Recommendation from persons who are familiar with the applicant's academic ability and potential. Minimum of 3 recommendations.
  • Admission also depends upon program resources and fit between student interests and faculty research. It is recommended that you explore the faculty research interests to determine that your area of research interest is being conducted at the University of Washington. You are not required to enter the program with a faculty adviser lined up in advance. Typically, students identify their research and faculty adviser during their first year of study.
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