QERM: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Program


Consulting Firms

Examples of careers in environmental and resource management consulting include:

  TerraStat Consulting Group, Seattle, WA: Formed by 4 QERM graduates with expertise across the range of statistical methods. Clients include municipal, state, and federal agencies, private industry, and university researchers.
  Cramer Fish Sciences, Inc., Portland, OR: Develops age-structured, spatially explicit salmon habitat models and investigated epistemic uncertainties (model, process, observation, parameter and prediction) in wood recruitment, pool formation and fish habitat models. Fish biology and habitat; wetland delineation and assessment; riparian vegetation; project managment.
  K Stat Statistical Consulting, LLC, Seattle, WA: Consulting company for non-academic statistical analysis projects. Analyzed trends in 1 million tree growth observations in Crater Lake National Park.
  StatPro Consultants, Principal, Seattle, WA

Statistical Design, Inc: Statistician and biologist working to bring science into the policy arena; serves as a statistical consultant and specializes in issues related to biological monitoring; worked with federal, tribal, and state agencies as well as local jurisdictions, independent consultants, and volunteer groups to design, test, and implement biomonitoring programs






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