QERM: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Degree Programs

Master's Degree Supervisory Committee

Initial Faculty Advisor

Students entering the program are assigned an initial faculty advisor who serves as a faculty contact during the first year of study. The initial advisor is available to answer general questions regarding the program and curriculum, examinations, research on campus, faculty and the University. This professor may serve as the student’s committee chair or may assist in finding another faculty member who can supervise the student’s research.

Master's Degree Supervisory Committee Chair

***NOTE*** Please obtain all current QERM MS Committee forms from the QERM Graduate Program Advisor.

Students should decide upon a supervisory committee chair early in the second year of study. The chair assists the student in selecting elective coursework, designing a research program, and making contacts with potential supervisory committee members within and outside the University of Washington.

Formation of the Master's Supervisory Committee

As soon as appropriate (typically after a research topic has been established) the student, in consultation with the supervisory committee chair, establishes a supervisory committee, consisting of two to four members. The chair and at least one-half of the total membership must be members of the Graduate Faculty (see Graduate School Memorandum No. 13). At least two members, including the chair, must also be QERM Faculty. The supervisory committee will provide expertise and depth in areas related to the student’s research. The student should rely primarily on the committee chairperson and secondarily on the other committee members for professional guidance.

Approval of Master’s Supervisory Committee

A written request to approve the proposed master's supervisory committee must be submitted to the QERM Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) prior to the first committee meeting. This request should include a brief synopsis of the intended thesis topic and names of proposed committee members. This information is reviewed by the QERM GPC for suitability of faculty balance in relation to the selected topic. After receiving approval from the GPC the student may proceed with scheduling the first committee meeting. A copy of this rerqueste should also be sent to the Graduate Program Advisor (GPA).

First Master's Supervisory Committee Meeting

Following approval by the GPC , the supervisory committee should meet with the student within two weeks after formation to decide on the student’s program of study. The student is responsible for arranging all necessary meetings and furnishing required forms.

The first committee meeting will deal primarily with a definition of course requirements. At this time, the QERM Plan of Study for Master's Degree form must be completed by the student, supervisory committee committee chair, and signed by all committee members. This form serves as an agreement made between the student and the supervisory committee about what coursework will be required to complete the master’s degree. It includes the core courses as well as any other courses the committee feels are necessary to give the student the required background in his/her area of interest. This form is also used to request waivers of core courses. The committee chair summarizes the first meeting on the QERM MS Supervisory Committee Meeting Documentation form.

Graduate students and chairs of all newly formed committees (M.S. and Ph.D.) are also required to sign a Human and Animal Advisory Certification form documenting that the student has been advised of human and animal subjects guidelines.

All completed forms must be forwarded to the QERM GPA who will forward it to the QERM GPC for approval. The forms will be filed in the student's academic file.

Subsequent Supervisory Committee Meetings

The supervisory committee chair records the results of all subsequent meetings on the QERM MS Supervisory Committee Meeting Documentation form listing meeting date, committee members present, decisions and accomplishments. It is the responsibility of the student to provide this form at each committee meeting. A copy of the form must be forwarded to the QERM GPA who will forward it to the QERM GPC for review before placing it in the student's academic file.

The supervisory committee should meet regularly to review the student's progress and thesis proposal. The student can request additional committee meetings whenever he or she feels the need for such consultation.


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