QERM: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Degree Programs

Qualifying Examination

Students completing only the M.S. degree are not required to take the QERM qualifying examination. However, if students plan to pursue a Ph.D. in QERM they must pass the qualifying examination. This exam is typically given after the first year of study. Students not passing the exam may take it a second time the following year. If a pass at the doctoral level is not achieved after the second attempt, the student may not proceed into the doctoral degree program.

Applicants with little or no statistical background are advised to consider taking the following courses prior to applying to the program:

STAT 421 Applied Statistics and Experimental Design
STAT 394-395 Probability I-II (may also be taken Summer Quarter)
-- and possibly--  
STAT 341-342 Introduction to Probability and Statistical Inference I-II
STAT 481 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics


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