QERM: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

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Master's Degree Timeline

The QERM M.S. program requires a thesis and is an integrated program of coursework and research during which the student learns the fundamental principles and practices of conducting research.

The following timeline provides a general reference to the required steps as well as guidance on the expected rate of progress. A detailed document outlining degree requirements and required forms may be downloaded as a PDF.

  1. First Year of Study :

    • INITIAL FACULTY ADVISER: Assigned Autumn Quarter of first year.

    • CORE COURSEWORK: Core coursework is completed during the first three quarters of the program.

    • MEET WITH FACULTY: Student identifies and initiates contact with several faculty members on campus to discuss their research and identify potential funding/research opportunities.

    • QUALIFYING EXAMINATION: Although M.S. students are not required to take the QERM qualifying examination, students planning to continue on for their Ph.D. in QERM must pass the exam. This exam is typically taken within the first two years of study.

    • FUTURE FUNDING: Secure funding source for the next academic year (research assistantship or teaching assistantship). It is recommended that you begin this process early in winter quarter of year one.

  2. Early in Second Year:

    • FORM SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE: The committee should consist of two to four members. The chair and at least one-half must be members of the Graduate Faculty. At least two members, including the chair, must also be members of the QERM faculty.

    • FIRST COMMITTEE MEETING: Meet within two weeks after forming committee

    • THESIS PROPOSAL: A student is expected to submit a thesis proposal before the end of the 5th quarter of study.

  3. Defend Thesis (approximately 24-36 months):

    • MASTER'S DEGREE REQUEST: Complete online Master's Degree Request form the 1st day of the quarter until the Sunday of the 7th week of the quarter you expect to graduate.

    • REVIEW OF NEAR-TO-FINAL THESIS: Reviewed and approved by committee chair and decision on a final examination date that quarter determined. Circulate near-to-final copy of thesis to committee, allowing adequate time for review before defense (approximately four weeks). Notify QERM Graduate Program Advisor of time, date and location of Final Exam.

    • FINAL EXAMINATION/PRESENTATION: Final Exam/defense can only be taken during quarters in which you are registered for a minimum of 2 credits.

    • SUBMISSION OF THESIS: Submit finalized thesis (incorporating any comments from committee at the final exam) to the Graduate School by last day of quarter.

    • GRADUATE DEGREE WAIVER FEE: The $250 Graduate Degree Waiver Fee is an option in lieu of registration. It is available to qualifying students for a 2 week period directly following the quarter in which all Graduate School and degree program requirements (including thesis defense) are met. Qualifying students who pay this fee will graduate in the quarter following the fee payment period.
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